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SOG SOGfari 13 inch machete Product Review

SOG Knives has brought another great tool to the market with the SOGfari 13 and 18 inch Machete.  I literally had to beg the marketing team at SOG to send one out so we could test it out.  We finally got to test one out and this one is not going to be returned because it is going to remain in my pack for a long time to come.

I had a cheap machete that I picked up at an Army Surplus Store and after a good amount of time and effort on the grindstone, I just could never get the thing sharp enough to actually be worth a darn.  It could cut, but it was just not an enjoyable tool to use.  I tossed out the Machete, even though I should of saved it as a reminder that I should take the timeto actually do my research and buy the best tools in the market.

The SOGfari Machete that i have is the 13 inch model and after a quick hour with it, walking through the trails around my community and cleaning up some of the overhanging limbs, the poison ivy, cutting a few branches and small trees, I am really impressed.

The rubberized Kraton Grip is soft and when slamming into branch after branch cutting trails, your not going to be sorry holding onto this tool.  Kraton is a synthetic replacement for rubber.  The grip is soft and feels great in your hand even after an hour of use.  The blade has a smooth edge for hard cuts and a saw blade on the back side for cutting down wood along the trail.  The whole thing comes along with a great sheath for packing it along on either your belt or in the pack.

Clearing Brush, Blazing Trials, Chopping wood, making shelters, edged tools are important and this tool really stacks up as a great tool.  SOG made sure to add the working saw onto the back to extend the use of the machete and the strength of the blade will allow you to pound in tent stakes and such.  There are holes in the handle to add Lanyards and there was nothing about this tool that was not well thought out especially the price.  Great tools usually cost a ton of money but SOG is bringing this great tool to the market for $27.00.

Click Here for the SOG KNIVES SOGFari Machete

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