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Spring Turkey Safety Tips by Chris Telinda

Most of us are ready to hit the woods in search of the Wild Turkey. Some of us may not take into account some of the dangers that need to be addressed. When you gain access to a tract of land, make sure you know who is going to be hunting that day and the location they are setting up. When you have discussed where each other is going to set up, make sure that you are protected from the backside. This will not only protect your back from shot but also provide cover if the turkey comes in behind you.

Next is to make sure you identify your target before pulling the trigger. The majority of shooting accidents have occurred from 11 to 50 yards when the hunter has failed to identify what they were shooting at. When people hear a gobble in the distance, some will not call the turkey to them, but get up and stalk the turkey, this puts the hunting in danger of coming into someone else’s shooting lane and could result in an accident. If you are going to stalk a turkey make sure that you know where the other hunters are, the best way to avoid this is to stay put and call the turkey to you.

If you are using a gobble call, know the location of the other hunters so they know it is you using the call and not another turkey gobbling back to their calls. If another hunter is working birds near you, do not try to close the distance and use the gobble call. You could be mistaken for a long beard and possibly shot at.

Last but not least is having control of your shotgun. Just like you were taught as a child, always keep your shotgun pointed in a safe direction. If there happens to be a mishap and the gun fires, it will fire in a safe direction and not hurt you or others. Also you should keep your finger off the trigger until you have the bird in range and are ready to harvest the bird.

Before you go out this spring, make sure that you go over some safety tips and know where other hunters are on your property. Keep these tips in mind and have a safe and successful Turkey season.

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