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SPYPOINT FLEX Trail Camera Review

I have to be honest, I am not the biggest trail camera user in the country. The last time I used a trail camera it was not even a cellular trail camera. There was something about heading out to the field to pick up used cards and dropping in new ones, then coming home and dropping those cards into my laptop with some cheap card reader that sometimes works. The world is changing, and this year I am changing along with it starting with the FLEX Trail Camera.

What makes the SPYPOINT FLEX Trail Camera Unique?

The SPYPOINT FLEX’s dual SIM cards are a game changer on this camera. They allow the system to automatically find the carrier with the strongest signal in remote areas. I hunt ranch land in Nebraska, and the signal on my cell phone can go from strong all the way to weak to non-existent depending on the day or even the direction of the wind. I honestly don’t understand it because sitting in a blind on a water tank, I can have a strong three bars and an hour later be on LTE or have no signal whatsoever.  The SPYPOINT FLEX trail camera can search out the signal it needs to send you the photos, video (with audio) and time lapses with the Flex. We especially like the Time-Lapse + option that allows you to take a time-lapse and still take photos when the camera’s sensor goes off and wildlife walks by.

How to Setup the SPYPOINT Flex Camera?

Setup for the SPYPOINT FLEX

  1. Download the SPYPOINT app
  2. Create an account (select your plan; we recommend the insider’s club and the best plan)
  3. Screw in the antenna
  4. Insert memory card (Micro SD)
  5. Install batteries
  6. Turn on the camera
  7. Format the memory card
  8. Press the test button to get a photo
  9. Turn off the camera and take to the field
  10. Install the camera, test it and enjoy (At this stage you can log in and change the settings for your camera to have it set up the way you want it.)

How does the SPYPOINT App give you an advantage?

The advantage to the Insider Club on SPYPOINT FLEX is tremendous. A single payment of $99.00 gives you 250 free photos a month, the BUCK TRACKER species filter, your 12 month photo history, you can save your 500 favorites to show off to your friends, access to 50 free HD trail camera photos you can download to really zoom in on that monarch whitetail buck and you are entered into a monthly giveaway to win some pretty cool gear. The biggest advantage is that you get 20% on all photo transmission plans and you never have to deal with a carrier like AT&T, Verizon or any of the other carriers on the market to get a sim card. 

How the SPYPOINT Game Camera Plan works?

The simplicity of the SPYPOINT FLEX trail camera is that it comes to you with the dual sim cards already installed. When you choose a photo and video plan for your camera you are working directly with SPYPOINT. You can choose to pay for your plan monthly or annually and there are plans for every budget. 

One of the options is to use the plan monthly for the 2 or 3 months you are hunting or running your camera year round. One of the best in the industry, Lee Lakosky, in his book Hunting Mature Whitetails The Lakosky Way states his passion for hunting big deer, “It’s about watching them for several years as they grow up. It’s about getting trail camera photos, finding their sheds, naming them and wondering if they’ve survived the season.  That’s the real magic in managing for big deer.”  My plan for 2023 is to have my cameras out in the field for the entire year. We hunt ranch land so it will require a little bit of effort. One of the things we did like is that we can shut off individual cameras from the app which allows you to take a breather while the cows are mowing down the grass. 

Why you will like the SPYPOINT FLEX?

Without a doubt, ease of set up. Drop in eight alkaline batteries and a micro-SD card and you can be up and running in about 15 minutes with your new camera. Once you have the camera set up, it is easy to hang (waist height) so you catch deer in the detection zone. Then you can control the camera from your phone app or online. It’s super easy. I didn’t have to visit my phone carrier and I was able to do the entire process at my desk quickly.

Firmware updates as well as changes in your setting can be handled directly from the SPYPOINT App and the entire process is a breeze. There is a tremendous amount to like here.

What you will not like about the SPYPOINT FLEX Camera?

You have to have a micro-SD card and honestly these things should be outlawed. They are small and powerful but they are hard to keep track of once you remove them from the device when you need to swap it out. All trail cameras are battery hogs and any time you take photos and transmit them it is going to eat up batteries. Couple that with weather changes and you will see some batteries get eaten up. Buy the best batteries you can and pay attention to your battery strength via the app. Change out batteries before you run too low. 


The SPYPOINT FLEX trail camera is a whole lot of camera with a lot to offer. It is currently available on the market for about $110.00. Batteries and a micro SD card will run you a little extra. Buy the most amount of storage you can get on an SD card especially if you plan to set up the camera in a remote location.

SPYPOINT FLEX Specifications:

SIM cardDual Sim Preactivated included
Photos transmissionYes
Camera fully configurablevia the SPYPOINT App
Videos transmissionYes
Definition (MP)33MP
Time-Lapse ModeTime-Lapse+
Multi-shot modeUp to 3 photos per detection
Stamp on picturesDate, time, moon phase and temperature (°C/°F)
Continuous modeYes
Illumination options
Video definition 1080p
Sound Recording Yes
Video length15 seconds
Capture modeColor by day, infrared by night
Number of LEDs4 Power LEDs
Flash range< 100′ (30m)
ExposureAutomatic adjustment of the infrared illumination
Detection system
Trigger speed 0.3 s
Detection distance < 100′ (30m)
Schedule setup 7 days
Memory card MicroSD card 2 to 512 GB (not included)
Power8 alkaline AA batteries (not included)
External powerDC 12V input
MountStandard 1/4″-20
Dimension5.14″ W X 4.2″ H X 3.1″ D (13 cm W X 10,67 cm H X 7,88 cm D)
“Know you’re covered” warranty2 years

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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  1. I bought this camera at Cabelas and for the first 4-5 months it worked fine sending pictures to my phone. I put in new batteries when they ran low and turned the camera back on. Right now, I spent literally 6 hours trying to get it to work. I did everything, updated new firmware, everything, now when I check photos when alerted that new ones were taken, nothing shows up. Others, even on amazon have said they have had the same problem. I looked at every video spy point had! on youtube and tried them….nothing. I have had this for about a year so there is no returning it. If you are looking at purchasing this, look for something else. Even the free plan offered is garbage, not to mention the paid plans suck. At what I paid, $169 or thereabouts, nothing but garbage! b Customer service stinks also.

  2. Spypoint has terrible customer service. I will not purchase a Spypoint. They do not stand behind their products. I have had one for 2 weeks and spent 6 hours on the phone. I Will return to the store I brought it from and let them deal with poor lying company.

  3. How come since I bought a plan I don’t get as many pictures it literally only takes about one picture maybe two whereas before I was getting pictures day and night and I could actually see things

  4. I bought the flex camera the batteries did not even last 24 hours I was on the phone for 6 hours with spy point and then when they finally answer had me do all this test on the camera and now they have to send me a new one and they’re telling me well we don’t know if this is going to correct the problem cuz we’re having problems with the flex

  5. I bought the Flex but not at all a fan. The dual Sim is crap. It shows nothing but 50% all the time, even where I’ve had 100% with the micro link. Also I moved it from 1 tree to another and now it want take a picture not even a test picture. I tried to chat with support 11 times with no response. Then on the 12th time finally someone responded with no help. By the way it’s not the batteries! They are brand new. That’s the 1st excuse that is always always used. I’m just going to return this one and go with a different company all together. Don’t waste your time or money not worth the agony.

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