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Stealth, Comfort, and Portability in a Shooting House Deer Blind

At Millennium Treestands, we understand a hunter’s passion for staying hidden within a perfect blind that grants access to the perfect shot. Hunting smart, safe and efficiently correlates to the equipment a deer hunter sets up on their land.

Millennium Outdoors created its lineup of Buck Hut deer blinds for stealth, comfort and portability. The Solo Buck Hut and Buck Hut Shooting House weigh in at 225 lbs and 323 lbs, respectively, offering incredible features for the hunter looking for a little more than a hang-on or ladder stand this season.

Shooting House blinds are ideal for concealment, and their elevated position offers hunters better visibility and increases shooting opportunities. Hunt hard, play the wind and fill your tag in a Millennium Buck Hut this season.  

Q – 250 Solo Buck Hut

Built with both the firearm and archery hunter in mind, the Solo Buck Hut is just the right size for one. Roomy enough for a hunting chair or stool but still small enough to be tucked away in the woods. The Solo Buck Hut is tall enough for standing shots, offering plenty of shooting windows and adjustable shooting rests for the seated position. 

The blind is made from a heavy-duty, water-resistant soft shell material and features a seven-foot-high roomy interior. Hunters can fit a hunting chair like the M369 Revolution within the blind. Two adjustable legs make for the perfect position for every hunt, and trusty slip-resistant steps with handrails complete a fully reliable hunting blind.

Solo Buck Hut Features

  • Blind is constructed of heavy-duty, water-resistant soft shell material
  • Roomy interior with up to seven feet of height for standing shots
  • Configured to allow for one M369 Revolution seat (not included)
  • Multi-configuration windows for rifle, crossbow or vertical bow hunting
  • Each window has adjustable-height shooting rest
  • Tower has two adjustable legs for leveling on uneven ground
  • 600 lbs. snow load rating
  • Heavy-duty, powder-coat steel construction
  • Non-slip steps and two handrails

Solo Buck Hut Specs

  • Model # – Q-250-00
  • Material – Powder-Coated Steel/Fabric
  • Capacity – 400 lbs.
  • Weight- 225 lbs.
  • Platform – 8’ H
  • Overall Height – 15’ 8” H
  • Blind Dims – 7’ H X 4’ W X 4’ L

Q – 200 Buck Hut Shooting House

Hunting’s traditions and fellowship are meant to be shared with others and passed on to the next generation. With hunting partners in mind, the Buck Hut Shooting House was developed for those who want to share their hunts with others. Add up to two 360 revolution seats within this blind, and enjoy a roomy seven-feet-high interior concealed behind black windows. The multi-configuration windows allow for rifle, crossbow or vertical bow hunting with an adjustable height shooting rest.

The powder-coated steel construction encases the blind as it sits upon adjustable legs, promising a dry, warm and level hunt every time. The platform pad is removable, and a stabilizing anchor kit is included. You can count on the Buck Hut for safety and security on the hunt!

Comfortable and roomy enough for two shooting chairs or stools, with plenty of room left over for blind bags, snacks, and a good book. Millennium’s Buck Hut Shooting House is the perfect solution for concealing multiple hunters and providing a place for making memories and traditions.

Buck Hut Features

  • Blind is constructed of heavy-duty, water-resistant soft shell
  • Black windows and black interior for ultimate concealment
  • Roomy interior with up to seven-foot height for standing shots
  • Configured to allow for (1) or (2) 360 Revolution seats to be added
  • Multi-configuration windows for rifle, crossbow or vertical bow hunting
  • Each window has adjustable height shooting rest
  • Tower has two adjustable legs for leveling on uneven ground
  • Heavy-duty powder coat steel construction
  • Comes with removable platform pad
  • Includes stabilizing anchoring kit

Buck Hut Specs

  • Weight – 323 lbs.
  • Material – Powder-Coated Steel/Fabric
  • Overall Height – 15’8” H
  • Blind Dims – 7’4” W X 4’ D X 7’ H
  • Capacity – 500 lbs.

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At Millennium Outdoors, manufacturer of Millennium Treestands, OL’MAN Treestands, and Millennium Marine, we are committed to ensuring each hunter and angler can make the most out of every season, from the big bucks in the fall to gobblers in the spring, from redfish on flats to crappie and bass in lakes, and every species and season in between. From innovative hang-on and ladder stands to ground blind chairs, fishing seats, and rod holders, Millennium Outdoors and its brands are dedicated to providing quality products to avid outdoor enthusiasts. Millennium’s reputation has been built on comfort, safety, quality, and versatility that hunters and anglers recognize and appreciate.

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