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Sunday Evening Scouting

Decided to take a trip down to the farm on Sunday and see what we could see.  The deer seemed to be very comfortable enjoying the high summer grass and we counted 14 deer in under an hour.  We had a stand off with a good buck that is in the last picture.  He had some great tine length, tall rack and about a 15 inch spread.  He is still a young deer though and has a tremendous potential.  A lot of people hunt this farm with me and if this buck makes it through the year, he will be very lucky because he is not very weary at this point.

Getting the kids out is always a joy and an important part of learning how to hunt. I know that I spent at least one night a week out with my dad when we lived in Lee Vining when I was the kids age with binoculars glued to our eyes.  I know where I will be most Sunday nights for the next several weeks leading up to opening day in October.  I also know 3 little ones that are pretty excited to be out in the field.

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