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SURVIVOR FILTER Active Filtration Bottle

TORONTO – October 9, 2019 – SURVIVOR FILTER is proud to introduce the SURVIVOR FILTER ACTIVE Filtration Bottle. The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle combines the convenience and portability of a water bottle with the assurance of a reliable filter. The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle provides the ultimate assurance for anyone concerned with the quality of municipal tap water.

The filter sits between the water bottle and its lid. Simply fill the bottle, insert the filter, and screw the lid back in place. Squeeze the bottle and drink as the filtered water passes through. The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle will filter 100 gallons—eliminating the need for 426 one-liter single-use water bottles. 

“Most Americans are rightfully concerned about the water quality coming from their taps,” said SURVIVOR FILTER Owner Mark Zakaib. “ If you’re traveling, in hotel, or even at home, you may want an extra layer of assurance. The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle provides just that. This is one filtration system you can take with you, anywhere.”

The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle filters 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic chemicals, and heavy metals. The ionic absorption filter improves taste, while the whole system has been tested to meet ANSI/NSF Standards 42&53—levels that match or exceed in-home filtration systems.

The ACTIVE Filtration Bottle is made and independently tested in the USA.

Read more about the SURVIVOR FILTER ACTIVE Filtration Bottle https://www.survivorfilter.com/collections/all/products/survivor-filter-active-filtration-bottle-900ml


SURVIVOR FILTER is a company with a simple goal – to provide people with access to clean water in any environment when they need it most. We offer you the best emergency water filter systems for your Bug-Out-Bag and the outdoors on the market today. What’s more, we back up all our products with a defect-free Lifetime Warranty and personalized customer support from our knowledgeable outdoor loving staff.  See the full lineup and learn more at www.survivorfilter.com.

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