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Swazi innovates with new fourth generation Whisper fabric technology

Perfect for wearing while hunting in extreme wet, windy or cold conditions, New Zealand based cult-clothing brand Swazi Apparel’s new generation 4 Whisper fabric technology offers greater breathability, a high level of waterproofing and a new added four-way stretch.

Used in their top-of-the-range, high performance wear, including Swazi’s Tahr XP, Wapiti XP, Kagoule jackets and Overpants, the fabric technology has been enhanced by decreasing the height of the nap – the texture of the fabric. This means less surface water can gather on the outside of the garment and you’re left with a lovely soft knit, quiet for stalking in. 

The fourth generation fabric maintains a high waterhead of over 20,000mm, while the breathability is over 10,000mm per square metre over a 24 hour period, which simply put, boils down to having a really waterproof and highly breathable garment.

One of the most exciting things to be incorporated into the generation 4 fabric is the four-way stretch. Thanks to the elasticity, if you’re out stalking in bush country and get snagged on a branch or tree, the give in the fabric will provide forewarning to stop, helping prevent you from tearing holes into your garment.

Despite all the advances in the material technology, the weight of the fabric has been maintained, albeit weighing only two to three grams heavier, but due to the lower nap level it feels much lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Davey Hughes, founder and creative director of Swazi, commented: “With higher breathability, fantastic waterproofing, added stretch and the lower nap, I believe our generation 4 AEGIS® three-layer Whisper is the fabric of the future!”

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