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SylvanSport Go Mobile Adventure Gear

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of getting a hands on demonstration of the SylvanSport Go Mobile Adventure Gear.  This unit is an incredibly well thought out utility trailer that has a pop out tent allowing you to travel with your gear and have the best of both worlds.  The GO caught my eye one day after seeing the press release that they had a new version in Camo and I had to take a look.  The design is incredibly well built and is so unique you can bet that your going to quickly get to know your fellow campers because they are all going to be coming over to take a look once you pop this baby out and set it up.

During the demonstration we were able to watch one person put this unit up and complete a full set up in about 5 minutes and this unit looked really comfortable.  The features on this unit with tables, tents, pads, steps, tools and vents for air movement are fantastic.

The great thing about these trailers is the versatility they offer.  They can carry two motor bikes, one ATV, cargo, boats and all the gear you need for a week of camping.  if you have lawn work to do, you can load up the grass clippings and haul away the branches from your work like a normal utility vehicle and take it out the next day on an overnight trip.  The unit is small and fits well into a garage.  The price for this unit is pretty reasonable and it comes with many different options and accessories.

After talking with the owner of this particular unit he was really happy with how well it towed and at such a light weight for the whole unit, it looks very easy to pull behind just about any vehicle. A great amount of thought was put into this mobile trailer and if you are looking for a great way to go camping and not sleep on the ground this might just be the unit for you.

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