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Take a Bite Out of the Chill While Waiting for a Bite on the Line

When winter hits, outdoor activities do not end. With the cold weather comes a wide range of unique activities that many enjoy. In the northern part of the United States and Canada, ice fishing is a wildly popular activity. The amount of preparation and time spent ranges wildly from person to person. But one thing is clear; it is cold.

THAW helps combat frigid temperatures by offering a wide range of dual-use items to keep users warm. When ice fishing, temperatures can dip wildly low. The Heated Seat Pad provides an alternative to sitting on cold plastic, nylon, or ice. With an optional rechargeable battery bank, the Heated Seat Pad can provide warmth for your derrière for up to 5 hours while offering plenty of comfort with the 2-inch padding. The waterproof construction makes this an excellent choice for the ice fishing hobbyist.

The initial setup is even more frustrating than the cold wait in an ice fishing hut. THAW has a solution for that, as well. Rechargeable heated insoles and rechargeable hand warmers help to make the trip across the ice more comfortable. THAW’s rechargeable heated insoles come in two sizes, which can be further customized by the user and offer up to 6 hours of heat. The heated insoles can be operated and adjusted with a Bluetooth™ app that streams local weather reports.

Hand warmers are a necessity, especially if repeatedly touching the water. THAW’s Rechargeable Hand Warmers provide convenient relief without breaking the bank while providing a dual purpose as a battery bank. With two sizes available, 17 hours of heat is possible. They are USB-C chargeable and emit warmth from both sides, keeping gloves, hands, or anything else you touch warm.

While waiting for fish to find the bait, it is possible to remain warm and comfortable without needing a highly insulated ice fishing hut. Save the wood fuel, backbreaking labor during setup and takedown, and additional cost of disposable products by pairing your winter fishing season with THAW’s lineup of Heated Seat Pads, Insoles, and Hand Warmers. Find them today at https://www.thaw.acgbrands.com and approved retailers.

Heated Seat Pad:


  • Up to (1220F / 500C): 2.5 Hours
  • Up to (1040F / 400C): 3 Hours
  • Up to (860F / 300C): 4 Hours
  • Up to (680F / 200C): 6 Hours


  • Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth™ Enabled
  • 4-Way Flexible Construction
  • Breathable Foam Padding
  • Recessed Charging Port


(L) 15″ x (W) 15″ x (D) 2″


  • 10,000mAh battery
  • Micro-USB charging cable


  • SKU: THA-BOD-0015
  • MSRP: $79.99 USD

Heated Insoles:


  • Up to (1220F / 500C): 2.5 Hour
  • Up to (1040F / 400C): 3 Hours
  • Up to (860F / 300C): 4 Hours
  • Up to (680F / 200C): 6 Hours


  • Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth™ Enabled
  • 4-Way Flexible Construction
  • Breathable Foam Padding|
  • Recessed Charging Port


  • Four sizes (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)
  • Trim-to-Fit (M: 5.5-13 / W: 6.5-14)


  • Dual-Charging Cable


  • Small, $199.99 2 PIECES: THA-FOT-1004
  • Medium, $199.99 2 PIECES: THA-FOT-0016
  • Large, $199.99: THA-FOT-1003
  • X-Large, $199.99: THA-FOT-1001

Rechargeable Hand Warmer:


  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Memory Recall
  • Smart Power Control
  • Power Bank
  • Battery / Charging Indicator


  • 1 x Rechargeable Hand Warmer
  • 1 x USB-C charging cable
  • 1 x User Manual


  • High (60⁰ C / 140⁰ F): 5 Hours
  • Medium (53⁰ C / 127⁰ F): 7 Hours
  • Low (46⁰ C / 114⁰ F): 10 Hours


  • High (60⁰ C / 140⁰ F): 10 Hours
  • Medium (53⁰ C / 127⁰ F): 14 Hours
  • Low (46⁰ C / 114⁰ F): 17 Hours


  • THA-HND-0013
  • THA-HND-0017

About THAW®:

THAW is reinventing personal heating. Offering traditional disposable options and our modern rechargeable lineup of pocket hand warmers and seat pads, THAW gives consumers lasting warmth in even the most bitter cold. New this season, THAW introduced app-controlled Bluetooth™ Enabled Heated Insoles.

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