We have had a lack of writing on the website as of late and we will get back to it starting this weekend.  The business of running HuntingLife.com has taken up a bit of time and work on our review section is the first priority as we believe it is a major element of the website.  We are hoping to debut this feature by no later then mid-August for all of you so that while you are all out on your hunts this fall, you will be able to come back and review the outfitters you were hunting with.

Preparing for your trip many of you are now shopping for better gear so we wanted to attach our current gear list that we use when we are preparing for our hunts.

1.    Sitka Gear System  www.sitkagear.com

2.    Carol Davis Sportswear Body Suit  www.caroldavissportswear.com

3.    Binoculars

4.    GPS and Compass

5.    Knife

6.    Bone Saw

7.    Chemical Hand Warmers

8.    External Frame Pack www.bullpacs.com

9.    Daypack with Water Canteen

10.   Game calls

11.    Flagging Tape, Electrical Tape & Duct Tape12.    Game Bags

13.    Rangefinder

14.    2 headlamps

15.    1 flashlight

16.    Batteries

17.    Topo Maps of the area you are hunting

18.    Camera and Video Camera

19.    Spotting Scope

20.    Tripod

21.    Survivor Whistle

22.    Survival Kit

23.    First Aid Kit

24.    Cleaning Kit for Rifle

25.    Alarm Clock

26.    Block & Tackle

27.    Insect Repellant

28.    550 Parachute Cord

29.    Sleeping Bag -20 Cabelas Alaskan Guide Series

30.    Toilet Paper

31.    Toiletries/Medicines

32.    Scent Free Wipes

33.    Licenses and Permits

34.    Pack Boots (www.schnees.com )

35.    Hiking Boots (www.schnees.com )  Lowa Sheep Hunters

36.    Insulated Gloves

37.    Rain Gear

38.    Extra Shoe Laces

39.    Emergency Space Blankets 2

40.    Camp Clothing One Set

41.    Wool Socks Cabelas

42.    Sock Liners Cabelas

43.    Tape Measure

44.    Butane Lighters

45.    Wax Fire Starters

46.    Rifle or Bow and any repair kit you need to keep it in clean working order

47.    Ammo  www.federalpremium.com    Barnes Triple Shock Bullets
This is a working list and can only improve.  Any suggestions, let me know!