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Team HuntingLife is proud to have signed the following Letter to Carol Browner joined over 300 organizations in signing the following letter to Carol Browner, Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, Obama Administration.  Our hunting heritage is important to safe guard and the next several years are going to be very important to what we are trying to accomplish.

Download the Letter to Carol Browner here.

Carol Browner
Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, Obama Administration
To Ms. Carol Browner:
On behalf of the following conservation groups and our millions of members across the
country, we want to thank President Obama for his campaign commitment to safeguard
wildlife and natural resources from the impacts of global warming.
Natural resources are the backbone of public health and the American economy. Healthy
natural systems provide clean water, clean air and protect communities from catastrophic
weather-related disasters, ranging from hurricanes to floods to forest fires. Outdoor
recreation, which is based on our nation’s natural environment and includes hunting,
fishing, camping, climbing, hiking, paddling, backcountry skiing, mountain biking,
wildlife viewing, and other activities, contributes a total of $730 billion annually to the
economy, supporting 6.5 million jobs (1 of every 20 jobs in the U.S.), and stimulates 8%
of all consumer spending, according to The Outdoor Foundation. The economic value of
the natural environment is far higher when the vast range of ecosystem services is also
included; conservative estimates tally these benefits at trillions of dollars annually.
Given the grave threats posed by global warming, investing in our natural resources today
will provide huge economic benefits for generations.
Safeguarding natural resources, oceans, wildlife populations and the people that rely on
these resources is also a moral issue. The United States has an historic opportunity to
help sustain today’s unsurpassed natural legacy for our children and grandchildren, but
we will need to invest in our natural resources if they are to survive a changing climate.
We applaud the following commitment President Obama made during the campaign in
his energy plan regarding how a cap-and-trade program should be implemented:
“A small portion of the receipts generated by auctioning allowances will
be used… to provide new funding to state and federal land and wildlife
managers to restore habitat, create wildlife migration corridors, and
assist fish and wildlife to adapt to the effects of a warming climate.”
We further applaud the reiteration of this position in President Obama’s Plan to Support
the Rights and Traditions of Sportsmen.
We look forward to working with you, the full Obama Administration and the incoming
Congress to accomplish our shared goal of protecting wildlife and natural resources from
the impacts of global warming.
National Organizations
Access Fund
American Canoe Association
American Fisheries Society
American Hiking Society
American Lands Alliance
American Littoral Society
American Rivers
American Whitewater
American Wild Turkey Hunting Dog
Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies
Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Boone & Crockett Club
Conservation Force
Defenders of Wildlife
Ducks Unlimited
Earth Friends Wildlife Foundation
Endangered Species Coalition
Environmental Defense Fund
Federation of Flyfishers
Gaia Global Consulting
International Mountain Bicycling
Izaak Walton League of America
Land Trust Alliance
National Audubon Society
National Parks Conservation Association
National Wildlife Federation
Nature Abounds
Ocean Conservancy
Outdoor Alliance
Outdoor Industry Association
Pheasants Forever
Quail Forever
Quail Unlimited
Restore America’s Estuaries
Sierra Club
The Nature Conservancy
The Organization of Wildlife Planners
The Ruffed Grouse Society
The Trust for Public Land
The Wilderness Society
The Wildlife Society
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation
Trout Unlimited
Waterkeeper Alliance
Wildlife Conservation Society
Wildlife Management Institute
Winter Wildlands Alliance
World Wildlife Fund
Xerces Society for Invertebrate
Regional and Local Organizations
10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
Alabama Chapter of The Wildlife
Alaska Conservation Alliance
Alaska SeaLife Center
Alaska Wildlife Alliance
Albemarle Environmental Association
Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society
American Sportsmen Against Poachers
Animal Protection of New Mexico
Animal Protection Voters
Appalachian Mountain Club
Arizona Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Arizona Ecumenical Council Earth Care
Arizona Wildlife Federation
Arkansas Chapter of The Wildlife
Arkansas Trappers Association
Arkansas Wildlife Federation
Arrowhead Chapter Trout Unlimited
Association of Northwest Steelheaders
Atlanta Audubon Society
Au Sable Big Water Preservation
Audubon New York
Audubon of Kansas
Audubon Ohio
Beech Creek Watershed Association
Bill Dvorak’s Kayak and Rafting
Blue Ridge Forever Coalition
Boone Soil and Water Conservation
Briarpatch Conservation Club
Bushnell, Caplan & Fielding
Canton Studio
Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy
Cedar Bog Association
Center for Native Ecosystems
Central Mountains and Plains Section of
The Wildlife Society
Chestnut Ridge Chapter of Trout
Chichagof Conservation Council
Chickasaw County Conservation Board
Cienega Watershed Partnership
Citizens Against OLF
Citizens Campaign for the Environment
Citizens Committee to Complete the
Clark Fork Coalition
Colorado Conservation Trust
Columbiana County Federation of
Conservation Clubs
Conemaugh Valley Conservancy
Connecticut Forest & Park Association
Conservation Council for Hawai’i
Conservation Federation of Missouri
Conservation Northwest
Conservation Trust for Florida, Inc.
Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ
Delaware Audubon Society
Delaware Nature Society
Denver Chapter of Trout Unlimited
East Ascension Sportsman’s League
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Environment Council of Rhode Island
Environmental Advocates of New York
Environmental and Cultural
Conservation Organization
Environmental Association of St.
Environmental League of Massachusetts
Ernest Schwiebert Chapter of Trout
Firelands Audubon Society
Florida Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Florida Native Plant Society
Florida Turtle Conservation Trust
Florida Wildlife Federation
Food Conspiracy Co-op
Freshwater Future
Friends of Alaska National Wildlife
Friends of Pondicherry
Friends of Pool 9, Upper Miss Refuge,
Friends of Saguaro National Park
Gallatin Wildlife Association
Gates Au Sable Lodge
Georgia Wildlife Federation
Georgia Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Georgia River Network
Great Lakes Council of the Federation of
Fly Fishers
Great Old Broads for Wilderness
Greathorn Properties
Greenway Network, Inc.
Groundwater Awareness League
Gulf Restoration Network
Habitat and Wildlife Keepers
Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc.
Hawaii Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Heart of America Flyfishers
Hellgate Hunters and Anglers
High Country Citizens’ Alliance
High Country Flies
High Sierra Rural Alliance
Hoosier Fly Fishers
Houston Audubon Society
Hutchinson Recreation Commission
Idaho Conservation League
Idaho Wildlife Federation
Indiana Wildlife Federation
Iowa Audubon
Iowa Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Iowa Environmental Council
Iowa Wildlife Federation
Izaak Walton League Michigan City
Izaak Walton League of America
Pennsylvania Chapter
Izaak Walton League, Johnson County
Jackson County Conservation Club
Joe Humphries Fly Fishing
Kansas Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Kansas Wildlife Federation
Keep Sedona Beautiful
Kindred Wild Life Club
Lacey Rail-Trail Environmental
Land Conservancy of Adams County
Lands Council
Las Vegas Flyfishing Club
League of Kentucky Sportsmen
League of Ohio Sportsmen
Lebanon Valley Conservancy
Lititz Run Watershed Association
Louisiana Wildlife Federation
Lynn Canal Conservation
Macbride Raptor Project
Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Maryland/Delaware Chapter of The
Wildlife Society
Massachusetts Audubon
Matanuska Electric Ratepayers Alliance
Michigan United Conservation Clubs
Minnesota Conservation Federation
Mississippi Wildlife Federation
Missouri Chapter of The Wildlife
Missouri Environmental Education
Missouri Master Naturalists –
Confluence Chapter
Missouri Smallmouth Alliance
Montana Audubon
Montana Chapter of The Wildlife
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Montana Wildlife Federation
Moshannon Group, Sierra Club
National Wild Turkey Federation,
Georgia Chapter
Natural Resources Council of Maine
Natural Systems Solutions
Nebraska Wildlife Federation
Nevada Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Nevada Wildlife Federation
New England Chapter of The Wildlife
New Hampshire Fish and Game
New Jersey Audubon Society
New Jersey Chapter of The Wildlife
New Jersey Federation of Sportsman’s
New Mexico Wildlife Federation
New York Chapter of The Wildlife
North Carolina Falconers Guild
North Carolina Wildlife Federation
Northeast Section of The Wildlife
Northeast Wilderness Trust
Northern Alaska Environmental Center
Northern Forest Alliance
Northern Jaguar Project
Northwest Habitat Institute
Northwest River Guides
Northwest Sportfishing Industry
Northwest Weed Management
NorthWoods Stewardship Center
Ohio Bass Federation
Ohio Bird Conservation International
Ohio Environmental Council
Oregon Anglers
Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Oregon Council Trout Unlimited
Orion The Hunter Institute
Ozark Fly Fishers
Pacific Forest Trust
Passaic River Coalition
Pella Wildlife Company
Penns Creek Guides
Penns Valley Conservation Association
Pennsylvania Chapter of The Wildlife
Pennsylvania Forest Coalition
Planning and Conservation League
Prairie Rivers Network
Prescott College
Puerto Rico Ornithological Society
Quiet Use Coalition
Remington Arms Wildlife
Renewable Resources Coalition
Rio Grande Return
River Valley Wildlife Federation
Rocky Mountain Recreation Initiative
Sacramento-Shasta Chapter of The
Wildlife Society
San Miguel Greens of Colorado
Santa Cruz River Alliance
Save Our Stream
Save the Manatee Club
Shaw Nature Reserve
Sheep Mountain Alliance
Sierra Forest Legacy
Sierra Nevada Conservation
Sierra Nevada Deep Ecology Institute
Silvertip Production
Sirius Ecovillage
Sky Island Alliance
South Carolina Wildlife Federation
South Dakota Wildlife Federation
Southwest Consolidated Sportsmen
Southwest Environmental Center
Southwest Missouri Fly Fishers
Space Coast Climate Initiative
Spring River Sportsman Club
St. Croix Environmental Association
St. Francis Lake Association
St. Petersburg Audubon Society
Stoney Creek Valley Coalition
Sugar Pine Foundation
Tall Timbers Research Station and Land
Tennessee Clean Water Network
Tennessee Environmental Council
Tennessee Wildlife Federation
Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Texas Conservation Alliance
Texas League of Conservation Voters
The Atlanta Fly Fishing School
The Conservation League of Puerto Rico
The Fyke Nature Association
The Hilltop Conservation Club, Inc.
The Rewilding Institute
The Wilderness Society – Alaska
The Wildlands Network
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council
Tom Baltz Guide Service
Trout Unlimited of California
Tucson Audubon Society
Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation
U.S. Home Designs, Inc.
Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper
Utah Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Utah Waterfowl Association
Valley Forge Chapter of Trout
Vermont Natural Resources Council
Virgin Islands Conservation Society
Virginia Chapter of The Wildlife Society
Virginia Conservation Network
Virginia State Chapter of the National
Wild Turkey Federation
Virginia Teaming With Wildlife
Leadership Council
Wagner Conservation Coalition
Washington Wildlife Federation
Watershed Alliance of Adams County
Watershed Management Group
Wattensaw Bowhunters Association
Weatherby’s Fisherman Resort
West Chester Fish, Game, and Wildlife
West Chester Gun Club
Westark Wildlife
Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
Western Rivers Conservancy
Western Section of The Wildlife Society
White River Conservancy
Wild Connections
Wilderness Fly Fishers
Wildlife Center of Virginia
Wildlife Foundation of Florida
Wisconsin Chapter of The Wildlife
Wisconsin Chapter of the Wildlife
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
Wolf Creek Community Alliance
WyEast Expeditions
Wyoming Chapter of The Wildlife
Wyoming Wildlife Federation
Yell County Wildlife Federation
Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures
Youth Conservation Club – Lavaca High
Youth Conservation Club –Mansfield
High School

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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