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The Archery Classic by Dennis Brauchle

Now that summer is rapidly dwindling away it becomes apparent that the time is quickly approaching for hunters to return to the woods for the upcoming hunting season. I spoke to my neighbor an avid archer that Cabela’s was holding an archery classic running from July 30 to August 9. We decided to take a run out to the Hamburg Pa. Store and see what they had to offer. They offered free seminars on both Saturday and Sunday.

We went Sunday and the first seminar about Scent Prevention started at 12 p.m. There is alot to be said on scent prevention. New clothing, scent killing sprays, laundry detergents and most of all working with proper wind direction to eliminate scent detection. At 1 p.m. began youth archery followed by a 2 p.m. seminar on After Season Bow Care. The event featured Michael Waddell’s bone collector tour which carried an autograph session from 11 A.M.- 2 P.M. followed by a seminar at 3 P.M. Since I had been feeling a bit under the weather for a few days prior I wasn’t able to take in all the events. I was able to meet Michael Waddell and told him he was my hero. Anyone who can live the dream the way he does has got to be my idol. Just think about it. Gee, I got to go to work! Which bow I am going to take? Where I am going to hunt? What do I want to hunt for? Boy, that must be some tough decision making. In all sincerity, Michael took plenty of time to talk to the people and sign autographs. The nice part of attending functions like this is that you get to meet hunters like yourself who love the sport as much as the next. I was impressed by a young lad there with his dad for waiting to meet Michael and get his autograph. As it turned out the boy had Michael sign his hunting bow. It was great to see this father / son companionship.

I did take time to stop at some vendor stands and talk to them about their products. Walker’s game ears has a hearing booth set up there where you can have your hearing tested.

My wife said my hearing wasn’t as good as it had been. She said something about Selective Hearing?

All kidding aside licensed hearing aid fitter Christopher Stafy showed me the latest listening devices and technology they have to offer.

I also stopped by the C’Meer Deer booth. Although some of these products are illegal in some states because it is considered baiting it does have its merits in bringing the deer close for a good clean kill. Check your local hunting regulations for your area that you are hunting, as some deer management units can change within the state. When talking with Shawn at the booth he also told me he produces turkey calls.

To some things up, anyone who has the opportunity to attend such an event should do so. There is a lot of talented people you can learn from and its great to have sponsors like Cabela’s to bring events to the public the way they do. You can log on to see the upcoming seminars in your area. I am looking forward for a black powder seminar coming later this month.

Maybe I will see you there.

Submitted by Dennis Brauchle

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