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The Best Tree Stands, For The Best Hunt.

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Tree Stand HunterThere are four types of tree stands available for hunting and with hunting season soon approaching you may be looking into upgrading or getting a different tree stand this hunting season. Tree stands are made for different areas of the country as each state has different terrain, let us explore which tree stand is perfect for your hunting experience this hunting season.


Tri Pod Tree Stands


The tri pod tree stand is used for areas where there is a lack of trees such as meadows, brushy areas and a desert setting.  The average tri pod tree stand stands 10 feet off of the ground and they are available with blinds for not only camouflage but for changing weather conditions as well. Due to the fact that these tree stands are not very portable they are usually placed in a permanent area and this gives the hunter an advantage as the wildlife will be used to the tri pod tree stand being a fixed object.  If you live in an area where there is a lack of tree cover or a lack of trees large enough to climb then the tri pod tree stand is the one for you.

Hang On Tree Stands


Hang on tree stands are generally the most popular type of tree stand that hunters use. These tree stands are light and easily portable, however, they do require the hunter to be able to climb the tree in order to place the hang on tree stand in position. Weighing between 10 to 20 pounds the hang on tree stand can be used with most types of trees and once they are hung on the tree they are quiet.  The hunter will need to use climbing steps or sticks when using the hang on tree stand, however, if you have a couple of different trees picked out you can easily remove your hang on tree stand and move it to a different site that you already have your pre-made climbing steps or climbing sticks attached. The versatility of this hang on tree stand enables the hunter to change his kill zone position when he needs to.


Ladder Tree Stands


With the ladder tree stand the hunter will want to keep this type of stand as a permanent structure as easy portability is not an option.  These types of tree stands are great for those hunters who do not like climbing and likes to hunt from a high vantage point. Ladder tree stands are stable and quiet and are great to use in wooded areas.  Again, this would be a semi-permanent structure and does come with blinds for camouflage as well as to keep the hunter out of bad weather.  With the sturdy ladder there is no need to install climbing sticks. If setup well before the season an advantage of a ladder tree stand is the surrounding wildlife becoming familiar with the stand because of its semi-permanent addition to their area.


Climber Tree Stands


Climber tree stands are for the younger generation of hunters. Climber tree stands are easily portable and used mainly in areas where the tree bark is relatively smoother. The climber tree stand does not need any climbing sticks or pegs that need to be installed. The climber tree stand allows you to inch your way up your desired tree using your leg muscles on the chair platform.  If you are in an area where the trees do not grow too big and do not have any limbs below the 20 foot mark, the climber tree stand is perfect for you.


As always, remember that hunter safety comes first.  Whenever you are using a tree stand make sure you are wearing a full body harness to prevent you from falling 20 feet to the ground.

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