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The Fastest, Most Accurate, Technologically Advanced Crossbow in the World, Meet the 515 Feet-Per-Second TenPoint TRX 515™ featuring NEW Twin-Riser Technology™.

Mogadore, OH. With 30-years of relentless innovation in crossbow technology, TenPoint Crossbows continues its dominance in crossbow speed, performance, and accuracy, with the fastest crossbow in the world – the NEW TRX 515. Featuring NEW Twin-Riser Technology (TRT) that reduces riser flex by 70% for greater down-range accuracy and combines with the NEW ZERO-Trac Barrel™ to shave nearly 1-pound off the weight. The TRX shoots an industry-leading 515 FPS and measures just 29” short and 6” narrow.

The foundation of the TRX 515’s lethal accuracy is TenPoint’s NEW Twin-Riser Technology. 41% lighter and 2x stiffer than traditional risers, Twin-Riser Technology is designed with symmetrical top and bottom plates that reduce riser flex to generate the most consistent arrow flight path for greater down-range accuracy.

Every facet of the TRX 515 is designed to extract every millimeter of accuracy from the crossbow, including a newly developed, custom hand-built TriggerTech Trigger.  Using TriggerTech’s patented Zero-Creep Technology™, this trigger features that “breaks like glass” feel to help improve accuracy and precision. In addition, the trigger’s Dry-Fire-Preventor (DFP) functions as a second safety – blocking the trigger from firing unless the nock is properly inserted.

The TRX 515 is packaged with NEW CenterPunch™ HPX premium carbon arrows equipped with the Alpha-Nock HPX. The Alpha-Nock HPX features a Nock Retention Groove that allows the user to both hear an audible click and feel the positive engagement of the nock to the string – indicating the arrow is properly locked and loaded in the crossbow. In addition, the “snap-in” design of the Nock Retention Groove eliminates the fit disadvantages and string wear associated with “snap-on” nock designs. EVO-X® CenterPunch™ HPX arrows weigh 445-grains and feature 15.5% FOC.  Each arrow is inspected for straightness to within .001-inch and each package is weight matched to within 1-grain per arrow.

A NEW AR-Style Ambidextrous Thumb Safety is conveniently located directly above the shooter’s firing hand and is effortlessly activated and deactivated with the thumb – allowing the shooter to keep both hands on the crossbow and eyes locked on their game.

The TRX 515’s rail-less design features the NEW ZERO-Trac Barrel™ that eliminates arrow friction and combines with Twin-Riser Technology to shave nearly 1-pound off the crossbow.

Featuring three points of contact, the NEW GUIDElock™ Arrow Rest System captures the arrow during the hunt and provides increased stability for pin-point down-range accuracy. The arrow rests on two, spring-loaded ball-bearings that are not subject wear and is held securely in place by the top-mounted retention brush – giving you ultimate durability, longevity, and maximum precision at any distance.

The combination of the TriggerTech Trigger, ZERO-Trac Barrel, and GUIDElock Arrow Rest System create the most secure, consistent launch platform ever built for a crossbow.

An incredible 25x stronger than traditional scope rails, the NEW ACUlock™ Scope Bridge maximizes accuracy and durability for the TRX 515. The full-length, machined aluminum Scope Bridge provides the ultimate foundation for scope stability and allows for more scope adjustment, heavier scope options, and maximum in-the-field durability.

“When we first sat down with our engineering team about the new TRX 515, we gave them a blank sheet of paper and told them everything was on the table,” said Phil Bednar, CEO. “From stock-to-stirrup, the TRX 515 features cutting-edge innovation designed to make our customers more successful bowhunters. Twin-Riser Technology, TriggerTech Trigger with HPX snap-in nock, ACUlock Scope Bridge, ZERO-Trac Barrel, GUIDElock Arrow Rest System, AR-Style Thumb Safety – the list goes on. We are charging into our 30th year at TenPoint by breaking all boundaries and setting new standards in speed, accuracy, and durability.”

Capable of precision down-range accuracy out to 100-yards, the EVO-X® Marksman™ Elite Scope 3.0 is a variable speed scope for crossbows in the 380-550 FPS range. The scope’s external Target Turrets provide easy windage and elevation adjustment and drive unmatched long-range accuracy.

The TRX 515 features the pinnacle in crossbow cocking and de-cocking. Stronger, smoother, and easier to operate, the NEW, patented ACUslide MAXX™ features the Auto-Brake Gear System that eliminates the potential of losing control during cocking or de-cocking which can lead to injury or costly bow damage. While cocking and de-cocking with the ACUslide MAXX, you can remove your hand at any point, with no other action required – and the handle will stop in place.

At the heart of the TRX 515’s speed is a perfectly balanced reverse-draw design with a 16-inch power stroke. The reverse-draw design has many advantages, including:

  • The ability to generate top-end speeds unmatched or unattainable by other crossbow designs.
  • The ability to generate more speed with less draw weight – resulting in a smoother, quieter shot, with less shock and vibration, and ultimately a more durable crossbow.
  • Longer nock-to-string engagement during the shot – leading to greater accuracy.

In addition, the center-mounted riser provides superior balance, making it easier to hold steady for increased accuracy if you get caught in a long stare down during the hunt.

Every detail of the TRX 515 is specifically engineered to build the ultimate hunting system.

  • NEW PLP™ (Pivoting Limb Pockets) System ensures perfect limb alignment.
  • NEW Limb Dampening Containment™ (LDC) System encapsulates the limb at each point of contact to further reduce noise and vibration.
  • Bow hook for easy hanging in the stand.
  • ACUslide MAXX crank handle is picatinny mounted – providing multiple mounting options.
  • NEW ambidextrous Quick-Disconnect allows shooter to store quiver on the picatinny rail at the perfect angle.

Featuring a soft-touch finish in Vektra™ camo or Moss Green, the TRX 515 ships completely assembled and includes a Ready-To-Hunt package:

  • ACUslide MAXX cocking and de-cocking system
  • Evo-X Marksman Elite Scope 3.0
  • 3-pack of EVO-X CenterPunch HPX Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrows
  • Integrated String Stop System
  • Quiver
  • Bow hook
  • Bubble Level

TRX 515 Specs:

  • 515 FPS
  • 29” Short (w/o stirrup)
  • 6” Narrow
  • 7.2-pounds (w/ACUslide MAXX)

TRX 515 MAP:

  • $3,499.99 – Vektra Camo
  • $3,399.99 – Moss Green

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is 100% American owned, operated, and all of their crossbow models are designed and built in Mogadore, OH.

For more information, contact Keith Arnold, Vice President of Sales, (800) 548-6837 or

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