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The Huntress Mother’s Day Wish List Part Two

Our original post detailed a few of our choices for Mother’s Day and this post is our Mother’s Day Wrap up.  We hope you find something great for your mom and most of all that you get to spend some quality time with your mom outdoors in the sunshine!!!


LadyHawke Women's Boots6.  Boots  –  An entirely different look and feel of boots can be found in the Irish Setter line of boots by Red Wing Shoes.  These boots are rugged, crafted from full-grain leathers, GORE-TEX waterproofing, and brass hardware. They are serious boots for the backcountry.  The women’s hunting boots are not smaller versions of men’s boots.  They are tailor-made for women using softer, lighter, more flexible midsoles.  As they advertise, “we build women’s hunting boots that can outrun the boys.”  Heck, yeah!  The serious outdoorswoman in your life might love a pair.  See what Irish Setter has to offer at


Tenzing TZ 1215W7.  Backpack  –  If my kids weren’t both under the legal wage-earning age and didn’t still depend on allowance from me and birthday money to fuel their spending habits, I would ask them to pitch in and buy me the Tenzing TZ 1215W Women’s Hunting Day Pack.  I am built on a small frame and I really appreciate a pack that is designed for my size.  With a weight of just a little over two pounds, this pack offers 1,215 cubic inches of storage space – plenty for a day in the field.  And because this day pack is hydration compatible, air-cooled, padded, and designed with her in mind, Mom will be happy to pull her own weight in the field alongside you.  This pack can be found at or  Search for Tenzing TZ 1215W.


Kelty Women's Cosmic Sleeping Bag8.  Sleeping Bag  –  Perhaps Mom likes to go camping.  I do.  And nothing beats a warm sleeping bag (except maybe a nice sleeping pad, but that’s another story).  Kelty offers a nice bag for women: the Kelty Women’s Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag.  It is relatively lightweight at 2lbs 9 oz and offers three-season comfort with an EN comfort limit at 32ºF/0ºC.  This bag is available at as well as such online retailers as Amazon and Cabelas.



Mathews Jewel9.  Compound Bow  –   Mathews Bows is offering the Jewel, a new compound bow for the woman who is passionate about archery.  With the latest technology incorporated in this bow, Mom will experience an “ultra-smooth draw and blazing speed” in a bow that will stand out from the rest.  With color options of Gold (kind of a camo pattern), Jewel Tactical (black), Teal, or Pink (not kidding you!!), Mom will be well equipped and will feel great out there in the field.  Check out the bows made just for women at



Hoo Rag Women's Camo Pink10. Head Scarf  –  Okay, okay.  Your mom tolerates your outdoorsy ways, but she isn’t your hunting partner (yet).  She is funkier, artsier.  She likes to hike near Moab.  For a bit of whimsy, give her a Hoo-rag.  A what?  A Hoo-rag.  Touted as the “traditional bandana killer,” the Hoo-rag is a one-piece tubular micro fiber accessory that works in a variety of ways.  She can use it to keep the hair out of her face and the sweat out of her eyes.  She can use it to keep her neck or ears warm.  Think of the Hoo-rag as a long cylindrical scarf.  And with patterns called Vintage Blossom, Lolly Pop, and Sunflower Power, your mom will be able to express her own sense of style.  There is no better way to understand this fun piece than to check out the Hoorag website:  At $14.95, this might be the way you can add some fun to your mom’s day outdoors.



I realize more than ever before that we are all at different stages in life’s journey.  Your commitments and your budget may not allow for the hunt of a lifetime at this point. (Maybe it does!!)  Your day may simply involve sitting next to your mother on the patio, soaking up the warmth of the sun, a cup of tea in her wise, weathered hands.  Or it may see your family on a day hike scouting for potential and promising hunting grounds.  Wherever you are, invite the mom in your life to spend some time outside with you.  Perhaps the best gift of all is to let her know you appreciate her.  If that involves sharing your appreciation for Mother Earth, so much the better.

Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie Paulson began her passion for the outdoors through backpacking in our national parks. Her love for locally grown organic food has brought her into the world of hunting and we will chronicle her passion for living the Hunting Life!

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