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The Importance of an Accurate Seeding System

Maintaining a diversity of food plot types can significantly improve the ability of your land to attract and hold a greater number and variety of wildlife species. However, different plants sometimes have various-sized seeds, which may call for several different implements when using conventional planting equipment. This is especially true when planting small seeds like clover that are particularly popular in wildlife food plots. Furthermore, planting seed blends is often a better approach. It will widen the window of attractiveness and act as a hedge against environmental fluctuations like early or late frosts or varying amounts of rainfall. 

Fortunately, Firminator’s Accurate Seeding System can handle any seed sizes from large corn, soybeans, peas and sunflowers down to the tiniest clovers, without seed waste or the need to change seed hoppers. Firminator’s Accurate Seeding System is a true all-in-one food plot implement and the industry’s most versatile piece of equipment.

Whether you’re planting large or small seeds or a variety of both, the Firminator’s Accurate Seeding System ensures they are spread in the right amount and without waste. Operation of the unit allows for precise control and is also very simple. Once the seed hopper is filled, adjust the metering openings in one-sixteenth-inch graduations until you find the proper selection for the largest seed. Then let the Firminator Accurate Seeding System do the rest. 

Because the system is ground-driven, the seed is metered out relative to the speed of travel, so that you can control the seeding rate. The optional seed hopper agitator keeps the seeds thoroughly mixed and prevents smaller seeds from sifting through too quickly, so it evenly spreads seed blends with extreme size differences in a single pass. When the unit stops, an automatic shut-off prevents wasteful spills that occur with other hopper types.

As you move forward, seeds are dropped into a specially designed baffle that thoroughly distributes them in front of the culti-packer. The Firminator’s commercial-grade culti-packer rolls over the seeds and compacts soil, enhancing seed-to-soil contact for better germination rates and protection from wind deflection. The result is better growth and a better return on your time, money, and effort investment in building food plots.

Product Features:

  • Handles seeds of all sizes
  • Generous-sized seed hopper
  • Seed metering openings
  • Seed size adjustments in 1/16-inch increments
  • Specially designed baffle for improved distribution
  • Distributes seeds directly in front of culti-packer for optimal seed-to-soil contact
  • Protects seeds from wind deflection
  • Only distributes seeds while Firminator is rolling to prevent waste

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment features the Firminator – The Firminator is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform many different functions.

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