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The Best Trail Camera under $50.00

I have been looking for a trail camera to use for public land hunting.  I wanted to record deer traffic as well as some turkey and pheasant traffic on a couple of different pieces of public land.  On these properties, I hesitate to drop in really expensive cameras because I know the realities of hunting these public land properties: a camera has a high chance of getting stolen.  As well, these properties are wide open properties in which I can mount the camera either on a fence post or an independent stake.  These options do not allow me to lock the camera to anything or can easily be pulled out of the ground. 

In mid 2020, I picked up the Lanmodo Trail Game Camera from Amazon for $50.00 and began testing it out.  The camera works surprisingly well for what it is.  It is a smaller, lighter, cheaper version of some of the more expensive cameras on the market.  It comes with a 32 GB micro SD card installed, so it is a tremendous bargain for such a small camera.  The images come out clear, the video comes out clear and it is easy to set up.  I had two of them set up and, just as I suspected, one of them disappeared.  As frustrated as I was with the theft, I would be far more upset if it had been one of my more expensive four or five hundred dollar trail cameras.

The user manual could be improved, but overall I am pleased with the camera and the imagery.   Check out the Lanmodo Trail Game Camera, and if you need something at a discount price to put in places where you are not afraid to lose it, these are the cameras you want to consider.

The features on this camera according to the descriptions are:


Compared with a 16M pixel camera, the Lanmodo hunting camera supports a 20 MP high-resolution image. It provides high-quality details of the animals, wildlife, and natural beauty, etc.


1080P HD videos will clearly record any animals and wildlife in detail day and night. High-quality videos will make you enjoy the fantastic and wonderful moments. It max supports 32GB.  


Once the trail camera detects any movements, it will be triggered within 0.2s. Never worry about missing beautiful moments! It detects any movements through its 3 infrared sensors in different directions. Its trigger distance is up to 30m (98ft). With the 3 passive infrared sensors, the motion detection range of this game camera reaches up to 120°. The wide range lens and long trigger distance will make you enjoy the captured image of wildlife with a full-frame view.


The 47 non-luminous infrared LEDs in the Lanmodo hunting camera can capture clear images even in the dark but shouldn’t frighten wildlife. Upgraded 940nm invisible infrared technology provides a longer and wider vision range in the dark to capture clear images in black and white. Non-luminous and special appearance design also help it stay concealed for hunting.


Not only can you enjoy the high-definition videos, but the clear sound recording lets you hear wildlife and other natural sounds.  Enjoy the wonderful world of wild.


With IP66 waterproof level design and high-quality plastic material, you can use it in the wild for a long time. No worry about the rain or bad weather.


What In the Package

  • Trail Camera X 1
  • 32GB Memory Card X 1
  • USB Cable X 1
  • Mounting Belt X 1
  • User Manual X 1

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This is the third one we have ordered.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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