Until HuntingLife.com becomes an international corporation run by a board of directors it is going to be my personal soapbox as well as a site that shares information on the North American Hunter Conservation Model.  As well it was designed to help people pursue a well lived life.

Huntinglife.com is the community to pursue your passions of hunting, conservation and a well lived life.

Today we are going to share some information with you all if your willing to watch it about Professor Randy Pausch.  The attached video is his last lecture to Carnegie Mellon University where he was a professor for many years.

I encourage you all to read it and share this link with as many people as possible.  We all have one great life to live on this planet, we might as well live it as though every day was our last day on this world and learn some of life’s great lessons.  Professor Pausch has much to teach!!!!