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The Legend Is Back With a New Insignia

This Memorial Day, Fisher Space Pen is combining the great sentiment of their Military pens with the classic AG7 design. Never before has the licensed Military insignia been on the AG7 Space Pen. Things are about to change as this time-honored classic joins the Cap-O-Matic and Bullet Pen ranks, donning the insignias from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Space Force.

After two years of testing by NASA, the classic AG7 Fisher Space Pen was taken on the Apollo 7 space mission in 1968 and used on all manned space flights since then. The design and construction of this legendary pen have not changed much in several years. Today’s 2022 Military AG7 Pen is made the same as the one taken to the moon in 1969. It’s a weighty pen and rests reassuringly in hand. Like the original, the Military AG7 is made from solid brass with a tough chrome plating. It has a very confident and substantial feeling click mechanism. Press down on the top to extend the refill and press the side button to retract the refill. The uniquely innovative design assures the point always retracts before sliding it into your pocket. All brass and steel components are of the highest quality and are made in the USA.

Fisher Pens all write at any angle, underwater and over wet surfaces. They will write in extreme temperatures from -30 F to +250 F and in the gravity-free vacuum of space. This is where the AG7 got its name, the ‘Anti-Gravity’ pen. The secret behind the unique capabilities of Fisher Space Pens lies in the ink cartridge pressurized technology itself. Refills are hermetically sealed, pressurized with nitrogen gas, and feature a tungsten carbide ballpoint tip – the same extra hard metal that is used to make armor-piercing ammunition. 

What better way to honor the military branches on Memorial Day than with a New Military engraved AG7 Space Pen. Don’t settle for any old plastic ballpoint. Expect and deserve more from your pens. Write confidently with the knowledge that Fisher Space Pen will never let you down!

Military AG7 Space Pen:

  • Style: Button
  • Finish: Chrome Plated Brass with Insignia
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Cartridge: Fisher PR4 Black Ink Medium point
  • Packaging: Gift Box
  • Made in the USA
  • MSRP: $82.00

Fisher Space Pen Co. is a 74-year-old American manufacturer of ballpoint pens, with the notable distinction of being the only ballpoint pen used on every crewed flight into space since Apollo 7 back in 1968 and most recently with Space X. While pressurized technology made it possible for NASA’s astronauts to write in space, it also provided writing capabilities in all-weather, underwater, over oil and grease and from -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit. These pens are the perfect tool for trade professionals, first responders, military, rugged outdoor enthusiasts, trekkers, backpackers, industrial manufacturers, underwater divers and anyone who values a pen that doesn’t fail.

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