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The Scent Thief® Hunter’s Pack Keeps the True Outdoorsman Undetected

Prepare to conquer the wild with the unparalleled power of the Scent Thief® Hunter’s Pack. Engineered to give the user a competitive edge, this comprehensive collection of odor-blocking products ensures scent remains undetected, increasing the chances of completing the ultimate hunt. 

At the heart of the Scent Thief Hunter’s Pack stands the groundbreaking 24oz Scent Thief Field Spray and a 32oz refill bottle for the rest of the season. Harnessing the patented “No Smell” technology, this remarkable product effectively shuts down an animal’s olfactory nerve, rendering them incapable of detecting any odor.

Alongside these revolutionary scent stealing products in the Scent Thief Hunter’s Pack is the 16oz Scent Thief Body Wash & Shampoo. This product plays a crucial role in the all-inclusive Scent Thief No Smell System. This specially formulated product cleanses hair and body effectively, employing the same patented odor-blocking technology as the Field Spray. Used in conjunction with the field spray, it eliminates an animal’s ability to detect any threatening odors.

Embrace the future of scent control technology with the Scent Thief Wafer, the next evolution in No Smell Technology™. By simply hanging the wafer in a tree or blind, the wind becomes an ally as it carries its scent, creating a “No Smell Area” around the hunter. Using the wafer alongside the Field Spray for optimal results is recommended, especially in windy conditions. The oil-based wafer evaporates slowly, synergizing perfectly with the water-based spray for unparalleled effectiveness.

Worried about the wafer’s lifespan? Each wafer, packaged in a resealable pouch, will last two full days or four hunts.

Scent Thief stands alone as the revolutionary pioneer in hunting scent control. Our patented No Smell TechnologyTM is the first and only system that eliminates an animal’s sense of threatening odors. By temporarily shutting down an animal’s olfactory epithelium, Scent Thief ensures that once an animal encounters our product, their ability to detect any other scent is nullified. With Scent Thief, the user has the wind on their side.

Hunter’s Pack Product Features:

  • Patented No Smell Technology™
  • Complete package for extended hunts
  • Blocks both human and chemical odors

Hunter’s Pack Product Specifications:

  • 24oz Scent Thief Field Spray
  • 32oz Scent Thief Refill Bottle
  • 16oz Scent Thief Body Wash and Shampoo
  • 4x Scent Thief Wafers

About Scent Thief

Scent Thief is a double-patented formula that eliminates an animal’s ability to smell without using enzymes, cover scents, chemicals, or ozone. With over 20 years of research and field testing, Scent Thief effectively keeps hunters in the game. Scent Thief approaches the problem of human odor differently than their competitors by targeting the area of the nose responsible for smell. By zeroing in on this area of the nose and relaxing it, Scent Thief blocks the signal that triggers danger in any animal with a sense of smell. Made in the USA.

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