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They've Done It Again The Mathews Z7 by Logan Hinners

Matt McPherson started producing bows in the 70’s and with many designs and years later, the 2010 Z7 is a testimate to his passionate pursuit of creative distinction and high performance engineering all inspired by the slogan “Catch us if you can!”

The new Z7 follows Mathews three Core values; Innovation, Integrity and Impact.

Being a long time fan of Mathews, Ive shot many of their models starting with the Outback which I took with me on a trip to Columbia Missouri while shooting in the 2004 4-H National archery tournament for the state of Minnesota. More recently however I had been shooting their Drenalin model. This was all until I picked up and shot the new Matthew’s Z7 in November – well needless to say I havnt picked up my Drenalin since!

Replacing the Drenalin with the new Z7 as my hunting partner for the 2010 season has given me a large case of cabin fever to say the least! Not because the new Z7 is shiny new or looks way cool, but simply for the fact that it is a Great bow!

THE LOOK. The Z7 is obviously different in appearance then bows of the past. Its new Grid Lock riser gives the Z7 a new buff look. With its tougher look than models such as the Drenalin, Mathews used a new system not only for appearance but also to allow more removal of the riser during machining. This makes the new Z7 lighter and stronger than any other model which is a major upside for me.

My favorite innovation is the bold flashes of red placed into the Z7. From the new logo to Harmonic Dampers, roller guards and Cams – the Look is Amazing! This especially appeals to me since Im a huge fan of the color red! An for those of you who arent, Mathews has created seven custom colors that are available for you to customize your own bow!

THE FEEL. The biggest change comes in the Reverse Assist technology. Look closely as you can see the strings run along the back side of the wheels. This new Reverse Assist gives the shooter a sense that someone is helping them draw their bow. Shooting my Z7 for the first time I realized that it drew smoother and released faster than any bow Ive ever shot -The new Z7 SOLD its self right then and there!

THE SETUP. My new Z7 is set up with an HHA sports sight (OL-5500 series). A single pin sight that I find works great for me – Its tool free micro adjust is great and with a bright yellow sight ring and the single pin I have a very quick target acquisition! With my HHA sight Ive added a six inch Limbsaver S-Coil stabilizer that helps reduce my bow torque and improves on my balance characteristics. When it came to choosing an arrow rest I went with the world famous “whisker biscuit” by Trophy Ridge and am shooting Carbon Express Gold Tip arrows through it. This combination works well leaving me with a no nonsense hunting rest that wont fail at the moment of truth!


    • IBO Rating:          Up to 332 fps
    • Axle-to-Axle:        30″
    • Brace Height:       7″
    • Draw Weight:       40-70 lbs
    • Let off:                80%
    • Draw Lengths:     25.5″-29.5″

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Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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