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This Week on HSCF’s “Hunting Matters” Radio & Podcast: Tyler Sharp, CEO and Editor in Chief for Modern Huntsman

(Houston, TX- October 29, 2020) Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) and “Hunting Matters” welcomes Tyler Sharp, CEO and Editor in Chief for Modern Huntsman

Tyler is the CEO and Editor in Chief for Modern Huntsman, based in Livingston, Montana, and he moonlights as a freelance photographer, writer, director, and creative consultant. Modern Huntsman is a media company that produces films, stories and a biannual printed publication focused on improving the perception of hunting. Tyler has had had the good fortune of working with many great folks, ranging anywhere from brand films to editorial work, rogue photo essays to all-encompassing creative campaigns. 

When he is not trying to out-craft categorization, he splits his time between East Africa, and the American West. Somewhere amidst chasing trout on the Yellowstone and myth-checking Hemingway’s Tanzanian safari claims, you can find him at home with his shaggy sidekick Wyatt. 

Tyler writes with fountain pens, practices Wing Chun Kung Fu, and believes that chivalry is very much alive in the hearts of those gentleman who still keep it. A native Texan, Tyler now splits his time between Montana and East Africa.  

“Hunting Matters” airs each Saturday from 6am-7am CST on KPRC AM 950 – Real Texas, Real Talk, a Houston iHeartMedia station, and Houston’s longest running radio station. Listen live online here. You may also listen to each episode as a podcast, following live airing, on most major podcast platforms including iTunes, the Apple Podcasts, the IHeartMedia, Google, Overcast, and Spreaker.

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