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This Week on HSCF’s “Hunting Matters” Radio & Podcast:Edward J. Hudson of Wild Strongholds

Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) and “Hunting Matters” welcomes Edward J. Hudson has traveled the world since childhood and recently decided to combine his love of nature, hunting, and international travel. During his childhood, Ed remembers stories of how there used to be more deer, more sheep, and more game. He grew tired of these stories and became an avid wildlife conservationist because of stories from the past like these. Since 2017, Ed has hunted the rainforest and savanna of Cameroon, the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan, the Hindu-Kush and Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan, the Altai and Hangai Mountains of Mongolia, the Zambezi escarpment of Zimbabwe, the Austrian Alps and even the Danube Valley of Hungary.

Ed’s passion for conservation drove him to educate others in the creation of Wild Strongholds, a film production company geared to entertain and educate the public about conservation efforts around the world. Wild Strongholds offers a unique perspective on the conservation efforts involving local communities, hunting companies, biologists, professional hunters, and governments around the world. The majority of hunters are misinterpreted and portrayed poorly by a very loud, vocal, and small subset of the world’s population. People in this world tend to listen to the loudest voices and it’s hard to ignore someone that’s screaming in your face. Ed’s mission is to sway public opinion and portray what beneficial impact hunting has on game around the world. It’s his hope that one day, there will be more snow leopards, more brown bears, more lynx, ibex, and sheep so that, one day when his daughter, asks him “Daddy is this how it used to be?” He can reply “No. it’s not. It’s much better now.”

About Hunting Matters
Tune in to “Hunting Matters” with Houston Safari Club Foundation Executive Director Joe Betar as he engages in conversations with guests, from various backgrounds, who have a passion for hunting and conservation. Great discussions, news, hunting legislation updates and more! “Hunting Matters” airs each Saturday, 6am-7am CDT on KPRC AM 950 – Real Texas, Real Talk, a Houston iHeartMedia station, and Houston’s longest running radio station. “Hunting Matters” is also available via podcast on Apple/iTunes, iHeartMedia, Google, Overcast, PodBean and Spreaker. Subscribe, listen, rate and review. Hunting Matters is the recipient of a 2022 Gold AVA Digital award, a 2022 NYX/Marcom Silver award, a 2022 MARCOM Gold award, a 2022 Gold Davey Award, and a 2023 NYX/Marcom Silver award. 

About Houston Safari Club Foundation
Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the sport of hunting through education, conservation, and the promotion of our hunting heritage. HSCF has awarded 646 scholarships totaling $2.92 million dollars. HSCF conducts youth outdoor education programs, career training, hunter education and field experiences throughout the year. HSCF has provided over $4 million in grants for hunter-funded wildlife, habitat, and various conservation initiatives. HSCF is an independent organization, is not affiliated with Safari Club International (SCI) or its affiliates and is not a chapter or affiliate of any other organization. Visit our website at or call 713.623.8844 for more information. HSCF. We Hunt. We Give.

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