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This Week on HSCF’s “Hunting Matters” Radio & Podcast:The Art of Concealment with Mike Slinkard, President of HECS, LLC

Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) and “Hunting Matters” welcomes Mike Slinkard, President of HECS, LLC. Mike is also a lifelong bowhunter, former professional archery shooter, and full-time entrepreneur who has started several successful businesses in the hunting and outdoor industry.

Born in 1965, Mike grew up shooting and hunting. His father had Mike shooting both bows and firearms at a very early age in fact Mike can’t even remember being taught how to shoot as he was too young. Mikes Grandfather and Uncle were cattle ranchers and Mike spent much of his youth in close proximity to animals both domestic and wild.  Mike began bowhunting big game at age 12 near his Eastern Oregon home of John Day and he was shooting competitive archery at age 17. 

Mike has been fortunate enough to have hunted all over the world and has taken over twenty species with archery gear including Brown Bear, Cape buffalo and 49 elk to date. Hunting elk with a bow is his true passion. 

Mike started his first archery Pro shop in John Day Oregon in 1992 and went on to start Winners Choice Custom Bowstrings INC in 2000 which changed the archery industry forever and took the art of bowstring construction to a level never before attained. This set the stage for bow manufacturers to reach new levels of performance that was never possible before due to the limitations of the strings at the time.      

Mike Founded HECS LLC in 2010. Which focuses on the emerging science of how animals perceive their electromagnetic environment and Mike and his team were issues five US patents and multiple foreign patents on the technology which blocks the human bioelectric signature. HECS technology is used widely in hunting, wildlife, conservation and research arenas as well as under water and military applications.    

Mike currently serves as President/founder of HECS LLC and Closer Outdoors INC. He also heads the subsidiary companies HECS Wildlife LLC, HECS Aquatic LLC, and HECS Tactical LLC.  

Mike is the host of Hunting with HECS TV which has aired on the Pursuit channel for the past 11 years and is currently the most aired outdoor/hunting television show on the air. Mike has a lovely wife of 32 years (Sharrie), two grown daughters and one granddaughter. 

About Hunting Matters
Tune in to “Hunting Matters” with Houston Safari Club Foundation Executive Director Joe Betar as he engages in conversations with guests, from various backgrounds, who have a passion for hunting and conservation. Great discussions, news, hunting legislation updates and more! “Hunting Matters” airs each Saturday, 6am-7am CDT on KPRC AM 950 – Real Texas, Real Talk, a Houston iHeartMedia station, and Houston’s longest running radio station. “Hunting Matters” is also available via podcast on Apple/iTunes, iHeartMedia, Google, Overcast, PodBean and Spreaker. Subscribe, listen, rate and review. Hunting Matters is the recipient of a 2022 Gold AVA Digital award, a 2022 NYX/Marcom Silver award, a 2022 MARCOM Gold award and a 2022 Gold Davey Award. 

About Houston Safari Club Foundation
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