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Three Little Birds Calls

Three Little Birds Calls

This site has been a ton of fun for me to create and each and every day I get to meet some wonderful people chasing their passions in the outdoor world.  Bo and Melissa Spencer are just the newest wonderful people who contacted me to talk about their new line of turkey calls.  Each of the calls are named after the family and it sounds like they have a wonderful family.  These are great looking slate calls that are going to be collectors items someday.

Go check them out at:  Three Little Birds Calls

Descriptions for each of the calls are below:

Three Little Birds Game Calls

Call Descriptions


“Ms. Marley’s Jewel” is a call that was named in honor of our “Jewel” our little princess, Miss Marley.  Marley is our only daughter and oldest of the twins.  She has the sweetest smile and prettiest face we have ever seen!  She really is a “Jewel”!  This call has a Purple Heart wood pot and a crystal call surface.  The crystal surface gives a higher pitch sound and more volume to the call than slate or even glass.  We paired up the crystal with a glass sound board for a wonderful sound!  This is the call to have to reach out and let that gobbler hear you, or ease back on the striker for excellent soft calls when he is coming in!


Our oldest child Jackson was born with Cerebral Palsy.  But to those that don’t know that, you can’t tell.  Nothing stops, slows down, or discourages Jack.  This call was named in his honor, we don’t know anyone else who has the attitude that he does in the wake of everything he has been through in life.  In Jack’s view “The Glass is Always Half Full!”  This call has a Black Walnut call pot and is “Full Glass”, with both the call surface and sound board being glass.  This combination sounds great!  The sound is a bit higher pitched with more volume than slate, but not as much as crystal.


Graham is our youngest and second of the twins.  Graham sometimes doesn’t know that he was not born a little bull calf.  This call was named in his honor.  “Graham’s Chalkboard” is a “Full Slate” call with a cherry call pot.  The term “Full Slate” is used with this call because we built it with a deep-mined PA slate call surface and sound board.  The two layers of slate combined with the tonal qualities of the cherry wood give an incredible sounding call.  This is THE CALL for soft yelp and purrs.


I named this call after my beautiful wife Melissa.  “Aunt Sassy” as our niece calls her.  This call is as beautiful as Melissa is.  It has a Purple Heart wood call pot, deep mined PA slate calling surface, and a glass sound board.  This is a sweet call!  Combining the tonal qualities of Purple Heart, smoothness of the slate, and the glass sound board makes this call a winner!  “Sassy’s Serenade” is similar in sound to “Graham’s Chalkboard” but at the same time, it has a totally different tone and pitch.  This is a wonderful “all around” slate call.  You can make it loud and clear, or soft and subtle!


My wife developed the name for this call.  Her reason, “the whole point of a turkey call is to mimic a hen doing what?  Isn’t that what they are making?”  How can you argue with good logic like that?  This was the call that she named after me.  Imagine that!  This is however a beautiful call as well.  Made with a Canarywood call pot and a slate call surface over a glass sound board, this is one sweet sounding call.  Very “turkey” sounding call.  This model makes very subtle and sweet sounding yelps and purrs, and amazing cutts and clucks!


This call is made using an Osage orange wood pot with a deep mined Pennsylvania slate call surface and glass sound board.  The idea for the name just hit me one day.  It is named for my mother-in-law, Olivia, or as her friends call her, “The Big O”.  I do know that term can have a somewhat risqué meaning, but for our purposes, it is eye catching, original, and it works with this call.  “The Big O” has a wonderful sound, great rasp, and excellent tone.  This is a perfect all around turkey call!


Our second version of a “full glass” call is this one.  This call is made from a Padauk wood pot and it has a full glass call surface and sound board.  When I first started making pot style calls, this combination was one of the first that I made.  I was very impressed with the sound quality of this call and it’s uniqueness that when we were approached with marketing our calls I knew that I had to get this one on the market.  It is loud, has great sound, and one of the best tonal qualities I have heard from a friction call.


This is again, one of the first calls that I made when I started making calls, actually it was my first call.  It is the combination that started this company and my entry into the call making/hunting industry world.  I have that first call that I made, my zebrawood slate over glass sitting on a shelf at home, but yes, even though it has the date of completion and “#1” in gold on the pot, it does find its way into my hunting vest in the spring!  I think that this combination of materials is as natural sounding as they come.  It sounds sweet!!  Great for making soft purrs, and yelps.  Not to mention the grain of the wood looks great as well!!!


Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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