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TightSpot Quiver Review by Rudy Hassall

The new TightSpot Quiver is the first bow quiver designed to help archers shoot better while keeping their bow quiver attached to their bow. The TightSpot Quiver fits tight to your bow, minimizing torque and improving accuracy. The first bow quiver to complement, not compromise, the performance of your hunting bow.” This is stated on their website, and it backed this statement up in every sense!

TightSpot allows hunters to fine tune the balance of their bow. This is achieved by moving the quiver in or out, up or down, back or forward, to where it there is zero accuracy-affecting torque.

It has an aluminum frame that makes for a light quiver. The quiver’s low profile allows me to keep it on my bow, so that I don’t even have to remove it when to store it in my bow case.

There is a Quicklock Cam which lets you quickly and easily detach quiver from the bow if needed.

One of the other unique features is one called ArrowWedge.  This is a gripper system allows you to adjust how tight you want each individual arrow to be held in your quiver so you don’t lose any in the woods or not to tight to make it difficult to remove at that moment of truth!

My favorite feature is their “Quickdraw“ which is an arrow slot that faces you as you are holding the bow, so you don’t need to pull the arrow out of the side of your quiver, you pull it toward you. This minimizes your space of movement, to maintain your stealth!

Installation of the quiver was straight forward and headache free. Once I installed the quiver on my bow, I did not tighten the Allen screws. I held the bow with one hand as if I were shooting. It was a little too top heavy for me. So I slide the quiver down about 2 inches and wallah I achieve the balance that worked for my shooting style. Then, I started to shoot to see how it affected my accuracy to my surprise it did that…but only for the better!!! Once I had everything dialed in, I put my dabs of Goat Tough Thread Adhesive on my screws and never thought about it again until I started writing this article!

 I shot 2 different bows both with the quiver on and with it off; there was no difference in my point of impact on either bow from 20-60 yards.

I have been shooting with this quiver for a little over a year now, have had it in all sorts of hunting situations, weather and transpiration scenarios. I have not heard a noise generated from the quiver, no cracks in the hood, no arrows lost.

In short, I would recommend this quiver to anyone who shoots with an attached quiver that requires a quiet, reliable, durable and all around tough piece of equipment. This is on top of the fact that it will assist you in improving your accuracy and oh…it’s made here in the USA!


The quiver is available from you local archery shop with the following specifications:

Available in Realtree APG HD or Mathews Lost Camo or Matte Black

Available for right or left-hand shooters

Overall Length:                                  19 3/4″

Distance from hood to gripper:          18″ (the longest distance of any one-piece quiver)

Weight:                                               11.36 ounces

Structure:                                            Super premium wrapped carbon rods/machined aircraft aluminum

Gripper:                                              Arrow Wedge with independent arrow adjustment

Arrow Capacity:                                 Five; aluminum or carbon

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