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To Infinium & Beyond with Fisher’s Luxury Space Pen

Putting pen to paper isn’t merely a simple action. Rather, it is a deliberate expression of your very soul. Whether signing papers for the purchase of a first home, writing a letter to your love, Grandma, or a pen pal, signing your college letter of intent, writing lyrics to your first song, journaling your deepest thoughts into a diary, or signing the astronaut logbook prior to a historic space mission, we at Fisher Space Pen view this tool as the “lever that moves the world.”  

Combining the importance placed on the written word with unmatched sophistication, Fisher Space Pen presents an upscale writing instrument – The Infinium Space Pen. 

This Fisher Pen offers the heft and feel that both today’s office warrior and other genuine scribes demand along with the authenticity, quality, and exclusivity fitting of a luxury pen! Whether working in an office, in space, or outside, the INFINIUM Series provides style and comfort, both in its writing and its presentation. As with all Fisher Space Pens, it offers extreme quality and durability for which Fisher Space Pen stakes its reputation on. Not only will this pen write anywhere, the Infinium label provides a guarantee that the average user won’t run out of ink in their lifetime. 

The Infinium Space Pen lives up to its name with a classy brass body coated in gold or black titanium nitride or shiny chrome plating. With “Infinium” elegantly engraved on the clip, the aesthetic and design command attention, visibility, and authority as you hold it. The Infinium Space Pen’s unique ink cartridge, in your choice of blue or black, writes far beyond the longevity of a standard Fisher Space Pen, which already exceeds three times the lifespan of regular ballpoint pens, ensuring this pen won’t ever run out of ink as long as you live! 

Knowing that you can write anywhere, from any angle, in extreme temperatures and unusual conditions such as zero gravity will also reinforce your self-confidence and self-assurance before taking on any new project or leading any executive meeting. The engraving options can make this extraordinary pen even more special. The Infinium Space Pen represents the artful combination of the utmost style, class, and reliability all in one; this outstanding pen is fit for an exceptional leader and executive or for anyone who appreciates the attention to detail and originality this pen delivers. With an Infinium Space Pen in your pocket, you’re choosing our most dependable writing device and showcasing an affection for a tool that cannot be easily replaced. 

Ensure your writing is beyond measure with Fisher Space Pen’s Infinium Space Pens, just like Sir Richard Branson did while signing the astronaut logbook for Virgin Galactic before departing on his historic spaceflight two years ago.

Infinium Space Pen Specs

  • Infinium Selections
  • Dark Matter Black Titanium — Brass with Black Titanium Nitride Plating in Blue or Black Ink
  • Dark Matter Black & Chrome Titanium – Brass with Black Titanium Nitride & Chrome Plating in Blue or Black Ink
  • Chrome – Brass with Chrome Plating in Blue or Black Ink
  • Solar Flare Gold Titanium – Brass with Gold Titanium Nitride Plating in Blue or Black Ink
  • Solar Flare Gold & Chrome Titanium – Brass with Gold Titanium Nitride & Chrome Plating in Blue or Black Ink 
  • Non-refillable Fisher pressurized PR4, medium point with a lifetime guarantee (Blue or Black)
  • Cap slides on and off; Clip permanently attached
  • Capsule Gift Box with Sleeve
  • Length: Open – 5.55 in; Closed – 4.34 in.
  • Width: .47 in. 
  • Weight: .8 oz
  • Prices range from $160 – $200 MSRP

Fisher Space Pen Co. is a 74-year-old American manufacturer of ballpoint pens, with the notable distinction of being the only ballpoint pen used on every crewed flight into space since Apollo 7 back in 1968 and most recently with SpaceX, Axiom Space and Blue Origin. While pressurized technology made it possible for NASA’s astronauts to write in space, it also provided writing capabilities in all-weather, underwater, over oil and grease and from -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit. These pens are the perfect tool for trade professionals, first responders, military, rugged outdoor enthusiasts, trekkers, backpackers, industrial manufacturers, underwater divers and anyone who values a pen that doesn’t fail.

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