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Top 7 Gear choices for beginner archery hunters

As we are closing in on summer, it is an excellent time to collect your hunting equipment and plan a nice hunting trip with friends. The season for camping out, hunting, and enjoying the crackling bonfires is drawing near. If you haven’t yet packed your kit or are a beginner, here are some essentials we can help you with!

Outdoor adventures are the most fun, but they require a lot of preparation too. If you are out of match sticks or don’t have something as small as a knife, that can go wrong. To make it easier for you, we made a ‘packing list’ for all beginners and new archery hunters so that when you head out for the game, you are well-equipped and well-prepared.

Hunting bow

The first piece of equipment any archery hunter requires is a hunting bow. You can go for a compound bow or a recurve crossbow. Both the hunting bow styles are excellent, but if you ask me, I’d say pick a compound bow that is light and allows young and old users to shoot accurately. The compound bow is different from the conventional recurve bow as it has a cam pair (wheels) on both ends of the limbs. These cams allow you to draw the arrow with lesser effort, and as the tension in the string is significant, the arrow shoots out at a staggering speed. So you may say that a compound bow reduces energy, and increases speed. The light frame of this bow is manageable and convenient for young archers and beginners.

There are many top brands for compound bows that you can search for. However, if you are looking for a recurve bow or even a compound bow, there are many features that you must consider.

• Physique: If you are thin or narrow-framed, you may prefer an aluminum crossbow frame as it is light and manageable.

• Type of game: Beginners or regular archery hunters looking for big games have to carry a compound bow as it offers force and precision. Not to mention the noise factor! You would want to take a bow with the least noise as deer and elks are very sensitive to their surroundings! Small game is also vulnerable to noise so choosing the quietest crossbow is essential.

• Skill: For beginners, a compound bow has to be adjustable according to your body type. Secondly, it should not require too much tuning or complicated features.

A sturdy camouflage backpack

The bag that holds it all is an essential thing to buy when planning an outdoor adventure. When you go shopping for one, remember to pick one that has ample space for your game and the essentials. Some backpacks have a single big pocket, with external storage for knives, ropes, and other amenities. Some backpacks have smaller sections within the main pocket, and there is little external storage. If you want to camp and require rope stowing, look for a backpack with a rope loop. Similarly, if you are carrying a tree-stand, look for a backpack with straps to secure the stand correctly.

Many brands have various types of backpacks, but since we are not getting into that ‘war of the brands’, let’s just say look among the most popular ones, and you will find the one that’s best for you! For archery hunting, you might not require a lot of camping tools, but arrows, bow, and tree-stands can also be a lot of load. Besides, you will need a secure pocket for your knives, and the lion’s share of space goes to the meat compartment!

Backpacks have adjustable straps that help hunters use them according to their required size. Waist straps ensure safety while climbing, and the length of the backpack maintains balance when you are on the move. Choose the backpack that fits your hunting needs, after all, you won’t be going back and forth when you find out you couldn’t provide an essential in there!

So in a nutshell, here are the few factors that impact your backpack purchase:

• Adjustable straps to match torso and provide comfort.

• Compartments according to hunting adventure. If you hunt big game, you will need separate meat compartments.

• Straps for tree-stand carriage, if you need to use a stand for your hunting sport.

Hunting jacket and suit

Staying comfortable is essential, and it is equally crucial for you to feel warm and protected. Hunting means sitting in a place for a long time, looking out for prey. You wouldn’t want to be spotted even before the action begins! Camouflage jacket that can keep you warm and allows pocket space for quick access to small items is the best pick no matter what kind of prey you are out for!

Secondly, the suit you wear must be comfortable so that you don’t have to shorten the time only to avoid discomfort. Jackets are removable, but the suit also must be warm, comfortable, and durable. Proper fit is critical, but the look of your outfit also plays an important part. A dressing kit includes overalls and gloves to become invisible as you aim at the prey and wait to shoot.

Some jackets come with a removable hood, while others have full sleeves with elastic cuffs. All these features can be selected according to individual choice.

Here are the few factors that you must consider before buying the right hunting jacket:

• Comfortable and warm.

• Allows enough pocket space.

• Camouflage to cover hunter from attention.

Field Dressing Kit

Now that you know your weapon and have bought the right backpack, it’s time for the dressing kit. Archery hunting requires quick access to weapons and a knife too! The dressing kit is overall that you can put on before preparing meat. It includes latex gloves and a sharpened blade to help prepare the game and store it well.

Hunting boots

Just like your attire, Hunting boots are a great pick. Ensure that you buy boots with thick soles, which will not weigh you down but will cross all kinds of terrain. Sturdy, warm, leather finish, ankle-high, or broad toes-you can pick the style you want but make sure it suits your hunting style. Archery hunters who go elk-hunting require tree stands. This may seem like a repetition of facts but read on: climbing tree stands or crouching behind bushes, so your boots need to be sturdy, yet flexible.

For people who go hunting near water streams or if they need to cross puddles of mud, the best pick is waterproof, high boots with vinyl covering. Similarly, sandy terrain and rocky mountains demand sturdy and thick boots. Every beginner or regular archery hunter must look through the popular options. For this purpose, go to a store where experienced hunters recommend the right style of boots for your hunting adventures.

The factors that impact your purchase:

• Type of terrain.

• Climate and water, if there is a chance of mud puddles and rain, you must select hunting boots accordingly.

• Hunters who need to hike or climb tree stands must buy thick-soled shoes to avoid slipping. 

Hunting knife

Any hunting adventure is incomplete without a hunting knife. There are so many options for every type of hunting trip that it can overwhelm any buyer. If you are an Indiana Jones aspirant or want to be practical and go for a lighter, folding blade, it’s all a choice! However, other than the style of the blade, you need to consider many things before buying the right gear for your adventure.

For large game hunting, you can select a knife that can cut through bones and dissemble animals. Similarly, if you plan to set up camp, you can choose a blade that is easy to carry and can come in handy while cutting ropes or untying knots. Meat preparation and cutting are an integral part of hunting, and deer or elk hunters must ensure a sharp and durable blade to be able to take back their hunting bounty.

The carbon blades are lighter but do the job equally well. Stainless steel knives can be sharpened whenever needed. Furthermore, hunters who like to keep their equipment for years, prefer knives that remain sharp so that they don’t need to maintain the blades or go through a preparatory session before each adventure.

Keeping your knife clean is also an important task, so make sure you pick a knife that calls for less maintenance but does the job well.

Keep these factors in mind when you go to buy a knife:

• Folding blade or fixed blade is a personal choice.

• Stainless steel blade can be sharpened easily.

• Carbon blades are lightweight.

• A sharp knife is necessary for preparing meat.

• Hooked blade can cut through the skin and is useful in removing offal.

Scope, Compass, Flashlight, and ropes

Last but not least, the essential things to pack before you leave are the small amenities, which can make your trip fun or a bad experience! Imagine you go hunting, geared up with all the stuff you needed, but you forget to carry a scope. Your visibility is compromised, and therefore spotting a deer or watching out for a hare becomes difficult? All your hopes of returning with some bounty will go to waste!

Make sure that you pack a proper scope, even if you have one with the compound bow. A compass is a useful tool for ensuring you know the way home, and similarly, flashlight will help avoid darkness. Ropes can come in handy when tying a tree stand or even setting up a tent. If you don’t plan to stay for the night, ropes can come in handy when you try to lift the hunted animal.

A first-aid kit is also an excellent addition to the backpack, and we advise you to keep a clear section in which you keep these items. Whenever you need to access, these items must be close by and easy to retrieve.

Last thoughts

Now that you know your packing list and shopping items well make sure you turn to the right stores or buy from a reliable online shop. Beginners will realize that once they know what to take along, they can assemble a backpack full of essentials very soon! There are so many options available for every individual piece that finding the right one can be overwhelming. Moreover, there are slight differences in features, while price differences are enormous. This aspect of various items often confuses buyers. Look for a well-known brand and follow reviews of users to determine the best brand of every piece.

When you head out to hunt, every item will be of extreme importance. The investment you make before the trip pays off for years to come. Here’s some advice for you: Invest in good brands and durable gear so that your shopping trips become less and your hunting adventures become frequent!

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