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Top Five Turkey Shotgun Shells

Turkey ammo has seen its fair share of changes. Pellet shapes and materials have been amongst the biggest changes.  Here are the top 5 turkey loads to look for this spring. 

Kent Ultimate Turkey Shells

Kent Ammunition has one of the unsung heroes of turkey shotgun shells. Using a diamond shaped design for cutting and knockdown power, these shells are an economical value as well as ten shells come per box. Kent gives hunters the full range of shells from 2 3 ⁄ 4 to 3 ⅕ for different guns and comes in 4 and 5 shot sizes. These shells burn clean to help with firearm maintenance. 

Winchester Longbeard XR

Since the introduction of the Longbeard XR line of turkey shells over a decade ago, they have become a hunter-favorite across the country. The Longbeard XR line is known for throwing exceptionally tight patterns at longer distances. The proprietary Shot-Lok Technology which buffers the shot within the shell to prevent pellet deformation upon firing. The  shot is copper-plated lead which aids in keeping the structure of the pellets  and improves patterns down range with increased energy.  Ten shells come per box.

Federal HeavyWeight TSS

Federal has a wide range of shot sizes and is available in both .410ga, 12ga and 20ga. TSS is a non-toxic tungsten composite and is popular amongst turkey hunters because it is such a hard material it won’t disform when shot. The payloads of HEAVYWEIGHT Tungsten Super Shot provide the highest pellet counts for the shell size. According to Federal’s website, “The tungsten-alloy material’s 18 gm/cc density is 22 percent higher than standard tungsten and 56 percent more than lead.”

Hevi Shot Magnum

The HEVI-SHOT brand has been synonymous with success for many years. HEVI-Shot Magnum Blend® combines No. 5, 6 and 7 shots. This tungsten shot holds as many as 448 pellets in a single 12-gauge 3-inch shell. These are available in 12ga, 10ga, 28ga, and 20ga.

Apex TSS

Apex TSS features 14 different turkey hunting specific products. Apex Ammo focuses on density to create performance. Apex Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) is composed of 18.1 g/cc density tungsten alloy for the ultimate shotshell. They provide shells for the entire spectrum of gauges from 10 gauge to .410. The Apex TSS ammo shells are loaded with an incredible number of pellets. The #9 shot boasts 905 pellets, the #8 loaded shell has 635, and the #7.5 shells has 550.

Jason Reid

Jason Reid is an outdoor writer, author, and aspiring standup comic. His passion for telling the stories of hunting started before the age of five by following his father along on whitetail hunts and fishing trips. He is a passionate bowhunter having had adventures all around the country and is a three-time member of the archery elk 10% club. Jason has contributed to publications and organizations extensively for over a decade.

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