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Top Outdoor Survivalist & Light Prepping Gear

Thousands of people across the world engage in various outdoor activities such as hunting, exploration, hiking, camping and many more. Statistics show that most individuals who don’t carry the necessary survival gear encounter various challenges in the wilderness. Unfortunately, some of them die due to hypothermia, hunger and some get killed by wild animals. If your hobby or career involves visiting remote areas, you might consider acquiring the following survival gear.

A water filter

Water has numerous functions in our bodies and no one can survive without drinking water for a few days. While in the wilderness, you might find unpolluted rivers with clear water. However, the number of rivers with clean water has reduced over the last few decades due to industrialization. Most rivers are contaminated with fecal matter, farm inputs, and even heavy metals. It is important to get a portable water filter since it is able to eliminate most contaminants. This will prevent you from having a stomach upset or getting a deadly waterborne disease.

A reliable compass

A compass enables you to determine the direction in which you are heading. Unlike a GPS, this gadget doesn’t require a battery or satellites to work and it rarely malfunctions. It also works perfectly in featureless landscapes such as flat plains and some deserts.

Your handy flashlight

This survival gear is handy at night since you can use it both for illumination and scaring some wild animals. This gadget allows you to read your compass in a dark environment and follow the right path. A good flashlight should be small in size with three operational modes (high, strobe and low). You should maintain the low mode while walking to avoid draining the battery. High and strobe modes can be used during emergencies.

Useful knife

This is an important tool both in the kitchen and wilderness. You can use a knife to make a temporary shelter, harvest fruits, cut meat, start a fire, cut bandages when injured and it is also a good weapon. A good survival knife features a carbon steel blade which is both strong and rust free.

Two-sided blankets

Don’t forget this survival kit if you intend to make your outdoor activity during winter. Also, carry this kit in hot deserts since they are cloudless and the temperatures usually get very low at night. A two-sided blanket will protect you from hypothermia, shock or frostbite, which kill many individuals in the wilderness.

2 person tent

The weather might change while you are in the wilderness. You can encounter strong winds, snowfall, rain, and other extreme weather conditions. To be on the safe side, you should carry a 2 person tent to protect you from the elements. A 2-person tent like the one from Wild Oak Trail online survivalist shop is lightweight and the base is made of polyethylene which keeps the moisture away. This survival gear has been built to retain most of your body heat while protecting you from precipitation and strong winds. The main advantage of having a 2-person tent is that it allows you to accommodate another person – in case you find someone who is stranded in the wilderness.

A sleeping bag

If the outdoor temperature is below freezing point and you feel like your body cannot withstand it, you can set up a tent and get in the sleeping bag. The bag traps body heat and keeps you warm, thus preventing your body from shutting down.

Camouflage bag

If you are visiting a forest, you need a camouflage bag to avoid scaring some animals. This bag also makes it difficult for animals to see you from a distance. A good bag should have wide straps to distribute weight evenly on your shoulders so that you can maintain the right posture. The material should not allow heat to build up on your back since it can lead to excessive sweating.

Surviving in the wilderness is a challenge, especially if you are alone. Many people who go into the wilderness without the necessary gear get killed by hypothermia, wild animals and even hunger. Before you leave your house, it is recommended that you get the necessary outdoor survival kits such as a sleeping bag, a tent, a knife, a flashlight, a compass, a water filter, and many more.

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