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Traveling to Texas for a Hunting & Fishing Trip

The state of Texas has enormous natural resources. Texas is a giant in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors leading in different categories: cotton, sheep, cattle, and oil. The majority of hunting in Texas happens on private ranches.

Texas is popular for hunting as much of it is bushy, making it ideal for challenging hunting despite its many wildlife. To hunt in Texas, you need a valid hunting license. 

The lakes in Texas are not left behind as they are quite large, each with unique features that create the perfect environment for several species of fish. The most popular fish species in Texas is the largemouth bass, which is available throughout the year.

Texas has more than 1,100 public lakes available for fishing, each having different species of fish. Apart from the largemouth bass, catfish are also popular in Texas. Before heading to a lake for fishing, review Texas swimming regulations and obtain a proper fishing license.

Here are some of the popular hunting and fishing spots in Texas:

Shonto Ranch

Located in the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country, Shonto Ranch boasts of four miles of stream that pass through it. The ranch also has ten lakes making it one of the most game-rich and best fishing spots in Texas. If you are looking for an exclusive premier ranch where you and your friends can hunt and fish, this is the place to be.

The ranch has several species of deer; you can enjoy hunting Waterbuck, Gemsbok Oryx, Sika, and Fallow deer hunts. The ranch also has Rheas and Zebras.

King Ranch

The King Ranch, located in South Texas, is a premier hunting destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. The ranch practices game conservation, which is evident by the quality and quantity of wildlife within its borders.

The ranch boasts of having around 60,000 whitetail deer and hundreds of thousands of game birds. 

You will be able to see many non-game species as you enjoy hunting through its large pastures.

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is less than an hour away from the city of Houston. It is known for its large number of catfish. It is popular as it is a freshwater lake offering the best tasting catfish. If you and your friends target catfish for eating or the big blue catfish for bragging rights, visit Lake Conroe.

Lake Fork

If you and your friends are on the hunt for largemouth bass, Lake Fork is the place to be. Located in East Texas, Lake Fork is one of the top bass lakes in the United States. Enjoy bass fishing in the spring, fall and winter.

Hunting Licenses in Texas

In Texas, a hunting license is required by everyone who wants to hunt regardless of their age and animal they hunt. This applies to both residents and non-residents.

Non-Resident Licenses

These are different types of hunting licenses issued to people who don’t reside in Texas.

Non-Resident General Hunting

It validates you to hunt any game bird or deer subject to endorsement requirements.

Non-Resident Spring Turkey

This license allows you to hunt for turkey only during the open season. You cannot own both this license and a Non-Resident General Hunting License.

Non-Resident Special Hunting

It permits you to hunt game birds (except turkeys), fur-bearing animals, and exotic animals. It is not valid for deer hunting.

Non-Resident 5-Day Special Hunting

This type of license allows you to hunt game birds (except turkeys), fur-bearing animals, and exotic animals for five consecutive days.

Non-Resident Banded Bird Hunting

It validates you to hunt for banded bobwhite quail, pheasant and partridge on private bird hunting grounds.

Non-Resident Trapper’s

It is required for individuals of any age to hunt fur-bearing animals.

Non-Resident Fishing Licenses

Non-residents who fish in Texas’s public waters are required to have any of the following fishing licenses:

• Freshwater License 

• Saltwater License 

• All-Water License 

• One-Day All-Water License

Essentials for hunting and fishing trips

When you are out in the wild or the middle of a lake, you need the following for survival:


Water is the most important thing you need for survival, therefore an essential thing to carry. Put your water in insulated stainless steel water bottles to keep you hydrated through the hunting trip.

First-aid Kit

Make sure you carry a first aid kit as you might get unexpected cuts and scrapes while hunting or fishing. Your first aid kit could contain hand sanitizer, small and medium band-aids, and antibacterial cream. 

Hunting gear

Hunting with the right hunting gear and proper clothing is crucial in ensuring your survival in the wild. Make sure your hunting gear consists of the following:

• Hunting boots

• Decoys

• Scent killer

• Binoculars

• Pocket knife

• Gutting knives

• Weapons such as gun or bow and arrow

Fishing equipment

The type of fishing equipment you use should match the type of fish you are targeting. Make sure you carry the following fishing equipment on your next fishing trip:

• Fishing rods

• Fishing net

• Long-nose pliers

• Ice chest

• Knives

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