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Trick or Treat by Trevor Simmons

As little ghosts and goblins readied themselves for a day trick or treating and prepared my muzzleloader for another opening day. As the alarm sounded at 5:30 am, I awoke already with the feeling of a great day. Then I looked out the window, a little rain in the forecast today I thought to myself. I headed downstairs and read the weather report and it said just slight drizzle, so I again I was filled with a great feeling about the day.

After waking up and talking to Dad about where I was going to hunt, I headed for the gunroom to load up. I made sure I had everything, loaded the truck, waited on Dad, and finally got going. I dropped dad off then head back to the barn to head to my tree stand. Well as I pulled into the barn the heavens opened up which let me know I was going to get a little wet. The rain slacked up and I headed for the woods.

About half way up my ladder I had a haunting feeling surround me and let me know that today was Halloween and the spirit of the wild was hanging like black powder smoke on a rainy morning. I situated my seat, put on my facemask and gloves, and settled down for the morning.

Just about day light God decided the earth around where I was sitting was not quite wet enough so he dumped some 10 gallon bucks on it. I sitting there with just a fleece jacket on packed myself inside it legs and all to keep dry. Just about, the time I got comfortable a deer steps out at 20 yards and I was packed up like a Thanks Giving turkey now trying to figure out what to do.

While I waited on the deer to make, the next move I thought of how my day just went from rainy to sunny; since I could not get a deer at 20 yards in bow season to save my life. As the deer moved, on out into the opening my heart jumped rapidity out of my chest as I saw the perfect Halloween buck. He turned to look up the hill behind him and that was his fatal mistake. I quickly grabbed the ole’ CVA Wolf, and slowly cocked the hammer and settled the crosshairs behind the point of his shoulder. As I directed all my attention to my shot, I skillfully drew the trigger to an all too familiar boom and smoke filled the air.

As the smoke hung like a well-framed picture and struggled to see where the buck had gone. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted him heading up the hill behind me, he had went directly under my stand and I never seen him. As he topped the hill just like in all the hunting, DVD’s I have watched growing up his butt began to stop tracking in a straight line. Then he stopped, turned around, threw his front legs up to say I surrender, and fell with a loud thud to the ground.

I immediately called Dad in all my excitement and struggled to reload my gun with my quivering hands. I thanked God repeatedly for just an amazing morning and waited for Dad to lumber down the hill to help me drag. Therefore, with a little trick up my selves I walked away with very nice Halloween treat.

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Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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