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UltraFlex Gun Sling Review by Chris Telinda

When choosing a sling for your shotgun, rifle or bow and arrow, look no farther than UltraFlex Slings. These slings are made from high tech thermoplastic, resulting in superior slip protection and will never dry rot or breakdown from any environmental exposure. UltraFlex Slings also come with the Brute swivel, manufactured by Outdoor Connection. Made from a high impact nylon, which is stronger than the standard quick release swivel, these will not rust, squeak, or make noise when you are in the field.

I recently added an Ultra Flex Sling to my Turkey gun and it made all the difference in the word. My turkey gun is fairly heavy, during those long hauls up and down hills I can barely tell the gun is on my back. This is the most versatile sling I have ever used; there are multiple ways to use the sling. If I am walking along ways to my hunting spot, I like to put a strap over each shoulder, this makes the gun virtually weightless. Since the UltraFlex Sling is made of thermoplastic, you can wrap it around your arm to steady a shot when shooting free hand. After a day of abuse and stretching, the thermoplastic retains its shape and will continue to do so even at -20 degrees. These are just some of the perks you get when using a 100% American made UltraFlex Sling. Check them out at , you will not be disappointed.


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