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UNSEEN HAZARDS that Threaten Hunters, Campers and Hikers Book Review

Jerry Genesio just sent me a copy of his great book last week and after reading it, I walked away with the feeling like that I actually learned something that I really needed to know.  Unseen Hazards that Threaten Hunters, Campers and Hikers is a tremendous resource full of knowledge about the kinds of pathogens that are commonly found in the outdoors and in wildlife.

This book is worth your investment and while it may not be the adventure of Capstick or the prose of Hemingway, this information is important for hunters, campers and hikers and something that should be shared with all of your hunting buddies.

Hunters and outdoors enthusiasts who spend time in the forests and fields  can come into contact with diseases like Rabies, Tetanus, Tularemia, Bursellosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease.  Knowledge and simple protective measures can shield even the most vulnerable sportsmen.

Jerry Genesio has written an 86-page book containing vital information about these perilous pathogens.  Each is described with symptoms, treatment, history, carriers, geographical risk areas, and significant incidence reports.  The book also contains advice provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, on how to avoid vectors such as ticks, and how to properly remove ticks.

In 1993, Rabies was confirmed in 20 deer in the state of New York.  Tetanus is commonly found in the intestines of wild animals.  About 200 cases of Rabbit Fever are reported in the U.S. annually.  There are 100 to 200 human cases of Undulant Fever reported nationally each year with most reports originating in Texas, California, and Illinois.  In 2003 and 2004, more than 1,800 cases of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever were reported each year, but less than 2% of all cases are actually found in the Rocky Mountain states.  Of 27,444 cases of Lyme Disease reported in 2007, 87% were confined to 10 states, including Connecticut and Wisconsin.

Jerry Genesio was employed by Cutter Laboratories in their Biological Products Division for nearly 20 years.  He has written and published numerous articles, including a natural history series focusing on zoonotic diseases that was featured in New England Outdoors magazine.

UNSEEN HAZARDS That Threaten Hunters, Campers, and Hikers: What you should know about pathogens commonly found in wildlife, is available for $7.95 plus shipping and handling. It can be ordered online through, Amazon’s Kindle Store ($4.95), or at Also see the book’s companion blog at

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