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Nessie Frame Lock from Urban EDC Supply

Mysterious, Rare, Dangerous – of course I’m talking about the Loch-Ness Monster. Psyche! This is the Urban EDC Nessie Frame-Lock. The name of this knife designed by Chris Taylor rings true, as this beast is rarely seen but extremely formidable. Unlike the elusive lake creature though, and since we’re actually able to hold this knife, it’s substantial in hand and perfect in the pocket. You may notice that it resembles the Kukri knife which was intentional, as Chris Taylor drew inspiration from the Ghurka soldiers who used that style originally. The Nessie has a blade length at 3.25 inches, making the overall weight of this knife come in at just 5 ounces. I can’t forget to mention the sexy recurve of the blade, and added finger choil at the base. We’re gearing up to release The Urban EDC Titanium Nessie Frame-Lock that comes in three different handle finishes. The added flipper tab and perfect knife detent make the deployment of the M390 blade super satisfying, like seeing a real-life Nessie breach the water! Grab your favorite now before the pre-order runs out!

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