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USAGO Announces Source Outdoor as Agency of Record

The United States Association of Gun Owners (USAGO), a pro-Second-Amendment association dedicated to protecting individuals’ liberty to keep and bear arms for self-defense, partnered with Source Outdoor Group, a full-service marketing agency with nearly a decade of experience representing companies both regionally and nationally across the U.S., with a focus on B-2-C marketing.

“USAGO represents a vibrant community of active firearm owners and supporters of the Second Amendment,” said Taylor Wood, President of USAGO. “Source Outdoor Group shares our commitment to supporting the Second Amendment and firearm community education. Our collaboration aims to empower responsible gun ownership, promote safety, and enhance public awareness surrounding firearms. USAGO strives to cultivate a culture of knowledge, respect, and responsible engagement within the firearm community. By working with Source Outdoor Group, we will uphold the rights and responsibilities enshrined in our Constitution, fostering a safer and more informed society for all.”

USAGO will benefit from its partnership with Source Outdoor Group’s knowledge and experience navigating the business/consumer relationship, as the organization’s primary goal is to provide its members with pertinent, comprehensive information spanning self-defense and firearms training. Furthermore, USAGO helps members select the best equipment to accomplish their personal self-defense objectives by offering members exclusive pricing on guns, gear, and ammo in the firearms marketplace. Source Outdoor Group’s ability to grow awareness of USAGO is a crucial part of USAGO’s membership expansion. It enables USAGO to achieve the ideal of furthering firearms training and education to the public.

“We couldn’t be more proud to welcome USAGO to our family of clients,” said Aaron McCaleb, president of Source Outdoor Group. “Over our nearly two-decade history, our primary focus is to connect relevant organizations and the public, and USAGO’s innovative organization is sure to make a distinct impact on the public.” Source Outdoor Group is proud to partner with an organization like USAGO that not only works to secure Second-Amendment Freedoms for all Americans but takes the concept of firearm ownership a step further and, initiates training, education, and helps its members implement what they learned from USAGO’s programs.

Through this relationship, USAGO’s community of members will be enabled more than ever and will continue to grow and have a positive influence. For more information, please visit

USAGO is an association of members who are passionate about firearms and works to instill and preserve the traditions and legacy of firearm ownership established by American citizens’ forefathers, and continue passing on knowledge and training to those who share those same values and understand why the Second Amendment is crucial, and why the rights granted by the Second Amendment needs protecting for every American’s benefit.

For more information, please visit

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