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USAGO Launches Founding Members Campaign to Preserve Second Amendment Rights

USAGO, a newly established association dedicated to preserving the right to keep and bear arms, proudly announces its Founding Members Campaign. Founded on the principles of protecting individual and family rights, USAGO aims to continue the legacy left by those who recognized the importance of the Second Amendment.

USAGO recognizes that the best way to safeguard the Second Amendment is by promoting safe and responsible firearm usage through education and training. By giving back to its members, USAGO ensures the continued preservation of the Second Amendment by providing resources for members to exercise their rights responsibly.

The Founding Members Bundle offers exclusive benefits, including a meticulously laser-engraved knife and a 10-percent discount on the first order from the USAGO store. Additionally, Founding Members can enjoy up to 30 percent savings on clubs, a quarterly discount, waived registration fee for the Bear Self Defense Association, member onboarding, and exclusive member concierge services at no extra cost. Additional discounted items, such as the exclusive Founding Member Browning knife, a USAGO t-shirt, and a premium-leather koozie, can be purchased separately.

USAGO also offers ongoing Membership Benefits, which include wholesale discounts on firearms, ammunition, and gear, private access to the USAGO Member Community, unlimited access to the Training Vault, and flat-rate shipping on all orders. Members will have the chance to win free gear in monthly giveaways, enhancing the overall membership experience.

Premier Founding Members can take advantage of added perks, such as reimbursement of up to $25 for FFL transfers in store credit, $20 in monthly ammo credits with the maintenance of Premier-level membership, and free shipping on all orders, regardless of size.

USAGO is an association of members who are passionate about firearms and works to instill and preserve the traditions and legacy of firearm ownership established by American citizens’ forefathers, and continue passing on knowledge and training to those who share those same values and understand why the Second Amendment is crucial, and why the rights granted by the Second Amendment needs protecting for every American’s benefit.

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