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Vancation Emerges from Stealth to Offer a Competitive Campervan & RV Rental Marketplace Platform

Today, Vancation announced the launch of its online RV rental and marketplace platform to offer a more cost effective and seamless customer experience for both campervan owners and consumers looking to rent. With over 1,100 listings available across multiple cities in the U.S., the platform offers a wide range of models from classic vans to luxury motorhomes to fit every travel experience. 

Since the pandemic and travel restrictions were put in place, many Americans turned to renting RVs and campervans as an alternative to their usual vacations. It’s estimated that 65 million Americans are planning a trip using an RV within the upcoming year and of those, 85% are first time renters. Due to the rising increase in popularity, the RV rental market is now projected to be worth $810M by 2028. 

With Vancation, RV owners can save an average of 65% on service fees compared to the leading online rental platforms. Owners will also be able to make additional profit by offering markups such as optional damage protection, premium itineraries & other add-ons.

The online portal makes it easy for RV owners to list their vans while having complete control over specifics such as how long the van can be rented, the age of the driver, how far the van can travel, giving a piece of mind to all owners. 

Vancation stands out from all the other RV rental platforms due to being able to offer unique capabilities and offerings to its customers such as:

  • A 6% renter referral commission and $60 per owner referred who successfully signs up and receives a booking.
  • Premium customer support gives both owners and renters around the clock support for any issues that may arise during bookings and travel
  • Fully insured campervans & RVs offers $1 Million liability protection and up to $200,000 damage protection on every camper
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance means Vancation will dispatch a roadside professional if there are any issues, such as a dead battery, lockout or flat tire

“By focusing on campervans and unique RVs, we are building a supply that customers will be excited to choose from while saving money compared to similar platforms,” says Steven Dietrich, Founder and CEO at Vancation. “For owners, we’re focused on offering a hassle free full service that brings simplicity and peace of mind.” 

What was once an inclusive leisure holiday for only those that could afford an RV, is now becoming a national vacation experience that many can enjoy due to rental platforms. 

For more information, please visit https://www.vancation.com/  

About Vancation

Vancation now has over 1,100 unique RVs and camper vans available for rent across the USA, including Hawaii & Alaska. Vancation will also feature every van builder in the United States, great for renters ready to make the transition to owner. Vancation prides itself on being able to offer a more cost effective and seamless customer experience for both campervan owners and consumers looking to rent.

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