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VOORMI® Partners with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation With a Focus on Conservation, VOORMI Unveils Fall 2016 Concealment Apparel Line

Pagosa Springs, CO (Sept 14, 2016) — VOORMI®, an innovator of domestically sourced
Precision Blended Wool fabrics and apparel, is proud to partner with the sportsman conversation
group the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) for the company’s Fall 2016 concealment
apparel collection. With a focus on conservation of both natural western landscapes and healthy
game populations, VOORMI will contribute a portion of revenue from the sale of the collection to
further RMEF’s efforts.

For over 30-­years the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has been the nation’s premier organization
protecting key elk habitat and advocating for sound hunting management. All together RMEF has
protected or enhanced over 6.8 million acres of elk habitat and has worked to help restore wild
elk populations to areas of Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Ontario, Tennessee, Virginia, and

“At VOORMI, we’ve always looked at how our company can positively impact rural mountain
communities and real people,” commented VOORMI CEO and Founder Dan English, “Hunting is
as much as part of our DNA as skiing and fly-­fishing, which is why it makes us very proud to
partner with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.”

The new Fall 2016 concealment apparel collection features VOORMI’s proprietary and award-­
winning PHASE-­Sc™ Technology;; a unique yarn blending technology that precisely locates
colored yarns to create a biomimicry pattern in the fabric. VOORMI’s PHASE-­Sc™ Technology
creates a concealment pattern one thread at a time and results in a softer, quieter garment with
significantly less light reflectivity than printed patterns. VOORMI’s PHASE-­Sc™ Technology is a
color-­blend technology that works in concert with the company’s other fabric technologies that
enhance the wool’s durability, odor-­resistance, weather resistance, and moisture wicking
properties. For a limited time, specific pieces from this collection will be co-­branded with RMEF.


PHASE-­Sc™ Precision Blended Wool Technology is available in three styles:

Blowdown Pullover ($199)
Built from the same high performance SURFACE HARDENED™ Thermal Wool as our Access
Midlayer, but engineered all the way down to the fiber level to blend seamlessly in to the
backcountry. This spatially constructed, phase-­dyed wool alternative to shiny surface printed
synthetics transitions naturally with the ambient light conditions, and is the perfect do-­it-­all thermal
for the rugged challenges of blowdown timber navigation. Pictured Above.


Blaze Vest ($129)
Featuring our revolutionary PHASE.HVis™ Technology, the over-­garment high-­visibility Access
Vest in blaze orange offers multi-­seasonal thermal performance for all of your backcountry
pursuits. Sporting an outer matrix of high-­visibility performance fibers interlaced with fine micron
merino wool. PHASE-­HVis™ Technology brings a completely new dimension of performance to
the world of of traditionally light absorbing natural fibers. Finally, all of the anti-­microbial and
thermal regulating benefits of wool in a true high-­vis package. Relaxed Fit.

Blur Jacket ($399)
Leveraging VOORMI’s award-­winning, genre-­shifting CORE CONSTRUCTION™ Technology,
the Blur Jacket will not only blur the boundaries between hard and soft shells, but will keep you
quietly concealed as you move through the backcountry.

Headquartered in Southwest Colorado, VOORMI is the world’s most advanced precision knitter of
performance merino-­based textiles. With numerous textile breakthroughs, patents, and national
awards under their belt, VOORMI seeks to continually expand and redefine what is possible with
merino wool. Sourced and manufactured entirely in the United States, VOORMI® products
feature distinctive base, mid-­layers, outerwear, and mountain town apparel engineered to meet
the demands of backcountry adventure and high-­elevation living. Visit for more

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