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Earned with Penetration, Accuracy and Real Value

SUPERIOR, WI – Selected from a competitive field of 2022’s most dynamic broadhead designs, Wac ‘Em® Broadheads has earned the 2022 HuntStand Best Value Award for the Wac ‘Em 3-blade fixed broadhead. The recently-launched results of this year’s test can be seen on YouTube, where the test has been viewed nearly 30,000 times by discriminating bowhunters seeking insights into this year’s top broadhead designs.  

Hand selected from a competitive field of eight premium-quality, 100-grain broadheads, the Wac ‘Em 3-blade rose above the competition to represent the “ultimate bang for your buck”. Taking into account both features and performance, the impressively consistent results in all of the 2022 Broadhead Tests’ evaluation of accuracy, penetration, deflection, manufacturing quality, and overall value allowed Wac ‘Em to edge out the competition in a very tight clash. 

Stand-out performances from the compact design were noted in the penetration category where the 1 1/16-inch wide, 3-blade design posted the test’s best score while penetrating 9 ¼-inches through carpet, a 1/8-inch piece of plywood, and a clear ballistic gel medium seeking to simulate the hair, skin, and bone of a game animal. In the accuracy test, the well-manufactured design posted a consistent 3-shot group of 2 ¼ inches at 40-yards, which measured less than 1-inch greater than the control group shot with standard field points. When combine with a solid performance in the angled penetration test shot through a piece of premium ½-inch birch plywood, the stainless-steel construction of the Wac ‘Em 3-blade fixed broadhead “built an impressive case for medal contention” as stated in this year’s test video by HuntStand’s Executive Editor, Mark Melotik. 

Adding to the heads’ tremendous value proposition is the included Red/Green Strobing Nockturnal FIT Nock designed to fit most arrows on the market today. At an M.S.R.P. of just $46.99, the cost was under HuntStand’s 2022 Broadhead Test average price while also including a bonus lighted nock designed to make bowhunters more successful in the field. “Add it all up… this head’s steady performance, serious bang for the buck and you have our test’s value leader,” concluded Melotik. 

The Wac ‘Em 3-blade’s full 2022 HuntStand Broadhead Test can be found by visiting YouTube:, while more information on Wac ‘Em’s full line of performance-based broadheads can be found at:

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About Wac ‘Em Archery: 

Wac’Em Archery: Originally built on a fixed-blade platform, Wac ‘Em continues to grow, constantly pushing the limits of design to offer archers an expanded line of broadheads they can trust. Today, Wac’Em’s extensive lineup includes fixed, mechanical and hybrid-style broadheads that promise, lazer-accurate flight, serious penetration, extraordinary durability and extreme lethality for both vertical and crossbow users, alike. Unique engineering and first-class materials combine to create a broadhead line that’s razor-sharp silhouettes are only out cut by the deadly slice of their blades. 

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