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Waynesboro, Virginia Hunters Helping Kids Banquet

Friday afternoon after Tristan got out of school, he and I jumped into the truck and took off through the Virginia countryside out through Fredericksburg, down 20 through Orange, into Charlottsville and over 64 into Waynesboro.  We arrived a bit early and took a walk around the hotel and then walked into register for the Hunters Helping Kids Banquet.  Once we got all signed into the banquet we searched around for some seats.  This was a bit of a recurring problem throughout the night because they had planned for a group of about 200 people coming to the event and the banquet actually topped out at about 325 people for the evening.

Our great friends Max & Stacey Rowe and Buck from Just Kill’n Time Television were there and our table was filled with some really great folks.  Hunters Helping Kids is 501(c)3 was founded to inspire and educate our youth in wildlife conservation and management.  it is thier belief that by involving our youth in outdoor shooting sports, the desire to preserve the conservation and hunting heritage will endure through future generations.

Dennis Campbell and the volunteers at the Waynesboro Chapter through a heck of a great banquet.  The tremendous local support of the local community came out in droves to support this great event. The team of volunteers and Nixons BBQ handled the event with style and grace.  They raised a great amount of money and all of the kids at the banquet had a really great time as well as all of the adults.

Tristan and I had a lot of fun and while he was a bit disappointed that he did not win the mini four wheeler in the raffle he got to see what these hunters are doing for others, that and getting to spend some quality time with his father made the entire trip well worth our time.

Link to Hunters Helping Kids

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