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Winter Weight managed with Ascential Bioscience by Rudy Hassall

Now that the hunting season is nearing the end or has ended for some of us, what do we do with our spare time?  Do we start planning for next year’s hunts? Swap gear on our weapons and equipment?  Do we do nothing and not be concerned about our “winter weight”?

While the first two are an effective and efficient use of time, why not take care of the most important piece of equipment…YOU! Why, do we think that it’s okay to increase out “winter weight”? Do some of us think that we are bears and are going into hibernation? This is the perfect time to heal those bumps, strained ligaments and pulled muscles. You should reflect on where your weaknesses were during the hunting season. Were tired walking to your treestand or blind? Were you struggling to drag your deer or pack out your harvest? You should be planning on how to improve yourself, just as you would any piece of your equipment.

I performed this very same task in January of this year. I wanted to be able to drag my deer out quicker and wanted to hunt in the more rugged areas. While I was in no way obese, I did have and still do a few pounds to shed. Losing a few pounds would not only be healthier, it would provide less impact on my muscles and joints. Now, I exercised several times a week for 60 minutes sessions and ate fairly well.

I did some research and thought that I would try some supplements. I did not want to use any of those gimmicky products or the products where there is so much caffeine, that you shake like a Chihuahua!  In my research, I found a company called Ascential Bioscience. One of the people that attracted me to Ascential Bioscience was Mark Paulsen. Mark has been part of Athletic Performance for more than twenty-five years in high schools and college football programs.  I decided to order a few of their products to give them a try. I place a 30 day supply of the Ascential WeightRx, Ascential SmartShake and Ascential Lean. I used them as directed, I took the Ascential WeightRx and Ascential Lean with 3 meals of the day. Then, I would drink the Ascential SmartShake in the early afternoon, as I eat lunch at 11am. The shakes are available in the flavors of chocolate and strawberry. They are very easy to mix with water and they do not cause to feel bloated afterwards.

Without changing my diet or exercise routine. I was truly impressed with the results at the end of the 30 days. While I lost 13 pounds of fat and not lean muscle, I also lost 2+ inches around my waist. The products did not create any side-effects with me.

Now, with most Americans overweight, why wouldn’t you want to lose some inches in your waist? You will have more energy, your overall health will increase and your thighs won’t be starting fires while you’re hiking in the woods!20100103_ascentialbioscience300x74

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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