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Wolf Kills Teacher in Alaska

Its odd that just days ago I posted something about wolves. I now follow that post with this gruesome message about a young teacher visitng Alaska for the first time and being killed by wolves. Although it is an exception to the general rule, it is NOT uncharacteristic of Wolves to go out of their way to find food when times are tough. Late winter is tough for everyone and everything in Alaska.

The victim — 32-year-old Candice Berner — worked for Lake and Peninsula School District, the district’s chief operating officer.

Berner, originally from Pennsylvania, started working for the school district in August, Troopers say she lived in Perryville. She no doubt, had visions of a wild and beautiful country but lacked the true understanding of that meaning. As I have said many times before, Lady Alaska has many ways in which to aide in your demise.

When will people learn that wild animals are just that. These wolves were no doubt hungry. Late winter often makes all carnivores a little edgy and prone to take different approaches to their own sustenance. The attack occurred not far from my Brown bear hunting area, which usually have plenty of Caribou available. However, this time of year most of the Peninsula Caribou herd is found farther north up the Peninsula. This may have set the stage for this tragedy.

Chignik Lake is located just north of a small village named Perryville on the east side of the Peninsula. It  is a community of about 105 people on the south side of the Alaska Peninsula, about 475 miles southwest of Anchorage. Although it has lots of Brown bear in the area, they are all fast asleep in their dens during mid-March. It is a bit unusual to have wolves stalking anyone at anytime-but they will when they are hungry and like us, have mouths to feed.

According to Alaska Fish & Game, they have killed people before. Later to be found rabid. They also say there are lots of bites that occur but do not end up in mainstream news.

Although not often reported outside of Alaska, each year many dogs are killed by wolves during the late winter months. Some have been attacked right outside Anchorage with the dog on a leash and the owner in tow! Yes, it happens!

I do not now advocate going out an shooting all the wolves. I DO advocate that understanding wild Alaska is in everyone’s best interest. I enjoy the lonesome howls of wolves late at night here and would not want that changed. This post IS a reminder they must have their numbers kept in check and not left to proliferate to such a degree that other species are ravaged-humans included!

If this rumor is true, then I guess the environmental wackos will have to rethink their “nobody go to Alaska this year” ban, since these wolf populations have grown so bold as to kill humans now. These packs are huge, sometimes over 50 animals, and they are a deadly team!

Now, lets sit back and let the animal rights groups rethink their approach to wolves. I hope they start with condolences to the victims family.

One beautiful thing about Lady Alaska is understanding that HUMANS are NOT the top dog here!

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