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Wolverine Boots – Extreme Comfort for a cold Manitoba Hunt

Testing Products is new to me and it is not a process that I take lightly.  Testing a product such as boots makes me even more nervous especially when on that hunt, I had heard about nothing except the extreme cold that we would be experiencing in Manitoba.  So I packed two pairs of boots on this particular trip.  I could not afford to have a cold pair of boots and not be able to stay in the stand for the entire week.  So with two pairs of boots I had my bag weighing in at a cool 62lbs and luckily no one even checked the weight on my bag.

Luckily and happily, I never had to reach for my second set of boots because the Wolverine Boots passed everything I expected out of a boot.  These boots were warm and comfortable.  I had not broken these boots to be honest and literally had taken them out of the box, put on seam sealer and threw them into the bag.  Now I probably did not need the extra protection of the seam sealer but I thought it could not hurt and I had some extra so why not cover all the stitching in seam sealer like I have done for other boots that I have used in the past.

Taking the boots out of the bag with the tags still on them, I think that Hans(the oufitter) was laughing at me, in fact I know he was, as he rolled his eyes and walked out of the garage as I laced them up.  From day one, I slipped on a pair of sock liners and then my wool socks and slipped into a really comfortable boot.  These boots are filled with 1200 grams of Thinsulate and they are waterproof.  Throughout the week, we had a range of temperatures that went from 20 degrees to 58 degrees in temperature. I did not get the below zero temperatures I wanted to truly test these boots in extreme temperatures but what I did test was sitting in a stand at 25 degrees for 10 hours per day and with almost no movement in my stand these boots held up extremely well.

By the end of the week even the outfitter was commenting on the good looks of my boots and that they looked warm and comfortable.  These boots were warm and comfortable and what more can you ask for in a good boot.  The Leather toes on the boots and the strong over one inch soles on these boots helps to keep your feet arm and off the snow.  These boots just look like they are made to last and I am looking forward to taking them on many more adventures.

I know one great outfitter that is looking for a new pair and is already headed out looking for an online retailer that has these boots in stock.  It is too bad he does not wear a size 13 as I could of saved him a some shipping costs. If you are looking for a warm pair of boots for your cold stand hunts and your looking for long term value for your money then I know your money will be well spent picking up a pair of these Wolverine boots.  Go check them out at



Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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