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Write More with Fisher’s Beloved M4

Click. Click. Boom. That’s the feeling you get when you put the M4 from Fisher Pen Company® into your hand and then click on the cap to activate an unparalleled writing experience at an incomparable price.

Although Fisher has had many top sellers over seven decades as a leading pen manufacturer, the M4, known as Cap-O-Matic, is an absolute classic and the unquestioned workhorse writing tool in its line. As its name suggests, the Cap-O-Matic Space Pen activates and retracts by its cap, which makes it incredibly easy and convenient to use the pen with a single hand. This feature makes the M4 the most beloved pen among those working in rugged, physically involved environments and an ideal fit for all writing applications. 

Its strong brass body creates a nearly indestructible shell, while the components inside ensure a non-stop, fulfilling writing experience with its pressurized PR style ink refill cartridge, which means that they offer all of the unique capabilities that are synonymous with Fisher products: they will write upside down – at any angle, underwater, through grease, extreme temperatures (-30 to +250 degrees F), on almost any surface, three times longer than the average pen, and of course in the gravity-free vacuum of space, and all of our pens are lifetime guaranteed for quality against all manufacturing defects.

If you like options, the M4 delivers that as well with a range of colors, coatings and licensed selections representing NASA, Artemis, Axiom Space, Military and First Responders. Seven attractive Cerakote color choices are also available, each with a nearly impenetrable coating that provides a solid grip and even more protection from the rigors you’ll put this pen through. 

It’s not bragging if your product can back it up; this pen will surely deliver with every click and write. After all, the creation of the Cap-O-Matic allowed Fisher Space Pen to offer the same technology astronauts used in a single-hand activation but at a price that everyone can afford! Every detail of this pen is well-constructed, including a very sturdy clip on the cap that seamlessly attaches to pockets and notebooks and isn’t susceptible to breaking off like other pen clips you’ll find out there. 

Simply put, the M4 is a great everyday writing utensil for any occasion, providing you with the expert feel you’ve come to expect from Fisher Space Pens. 

M4 Space Pen Features:

  • Cap Activation      
  • Brass Composition
  • Galaxy Gift Box
  • Fisher PR4 Black Ink Medium Point
  • Made in the USA with USA & global materials

M4 Space Pen Specs:

  • Length: Open 5.27 in./Closed 5.13 in.
  • Width: .38 in.
  • Weight: .7 ounces

Fisher Space Pen Co. is a 74-year-old American manufacturer of ballpoint pens, with the notable distinction of being the only ballpoint pen used on every crewed flight into space since Apollo 7 back in 1968 and most recently with SpaceX, Axiom Space and Blue Origin. While pressurized technology made it possible for NASA’s astronauts to write in space, it also provided writing capabilities in all-weather, underwater, over oil and grease and from -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit. These pens are the perfect tool for trade professionals, first responders, military, rugged outdoor enthusiasts, trekkers, backpackers, industrial manufacturers, underwater divers and anyone who values a pen that doesn’t fail.

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