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Zink Nightmare on Stage NOS Goose Call Review

I now own 3 goose calls.  I have an old wooden one that was handed down to me from a friend, I have a BGB call I bought at a Ducks Unlimited Banquet that I have been blowing for the last couple of years.  This year Scott Rollins took me out on a goose hunt, tuned up my call, gave me some lessons and told me to start looking for a call.  Todd Cocker from the Virginia Area Waterfowl Association gave me the best advice a hunter could get.  He said, “Find yourself a call that you can blow and that fits you.”  I started looking around for advice and a facebook friend suggested I check out Zink Calls.  I did some research and found out that they were coming out with a brand new call in January and at the Eastern Sport Show, I had the pleasure of getting to meet Jimmy Wren and take a look at this new call.  I bought one on the spot and I have been working with it almost every single day since.  My family is none too happy but I am absolutely smitten.

First off, the call looks amazing.  The design on the outside with flames and such in a blue acryllic just glows.  They had several great colors selections available and the blue just stuck out to me.  The Zink Logo is there along with the name Kile Jones who is the principle designer for this particular call.  All of the designs are etched into the call and filled in with white.  The call comes in a black silk bag with the Zink logo and it just feels great in your hands.

Now on to the important information….This call sounds AMAZING.  It is one of the easiest calls for me to blow that I have ever put to use. While I am not even close to a championship caller whom this call was designed for, I have found it easy to blow and I am able to replicate and grow in my calling.  I can shift from the real low goosy sounds and growls to high pitched spit calls quickly and efficiently.  Now when Scott and Todd give me lessons to improve my calling ability and open up my calling variety, I am going to have a tool can take me there.  The Zink Team and Kile Jones…..YOU ALL HIT THIS ONE OUT OF THE PARK!!!

If your looking for a new Goose Call…Contact the team at Zink and beg them to send you a NOS Goose Call in your favorite color…You may or may not become a Nightmare on Stage but you will become a nightmare to the geese in the field.  As of today, the NOS is not even up on thier website but it will be soon, either way pick up the phone, get one of these calls and start practicing…the season is right around the corner.

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