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Convergent Hunting Solutions’ Overseer Calls Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers

When looking for gifts for hunters, it can be tough for “non-outdoorsy” folks to know what their favorite hunters might love best. Fact is, any predator hunter would be tickled to find their stocking stuffed with high-quality, easy-to-use predator calls from Convergent Hunting Solutions’ Overseer line. These mouth-blown calls, designed by hunters for hunters, are made with care and quality in the good ol’ USA.

Master Call Builder Kerry Carver and professional predator hunter Byron South teamed up to design the calls in the Overseer line, which any hunter can use to produce realistic sounds to pull in the predators. Each call is designed for long life and ease of use, and all include a well-defined lanyard groove. Here’s a rundown of the Overseer line of handy handheld calls.

The Overseer Predator Bite Call has a rubber mouthpiece that changes the call tone according to how hard (and where) the hunter bites down on it. Hunters can adjust the air pressure and “pinch point” to create emotion in the wide range of distressed-animal sounds this call can produce. The Overseer Bite Call is perfect for coaxing in call-shy predators who may have been called in before. Click here to learn more about the Overseer Predator Bite Call.

The Overseer Closed Reed Cotton Tail Call is one of the easiest-to-use calls ever made. Regardless of lip position or bite pressure, this call produces the perfect distressed-cottontail sound every time. To vary the volume and pitch, hunters can cup a hand over the call to create backpressure. This call is designed for extremely long life with a double stainless steel reed that might outlast us all. Click here to learn more about the Overseer Closed Reed Cotton Tail Call.

The Overseer Closed Reed Jackrabbit Call is very much like the Closed Reed Cotton Tail call, with the same great durability and ease of use built right in. Just give it air pressure, and it will produce the correct sound of a jackrabbit or distress over the stainless steel double reed. Tone and/or volume can be changed by cupping a hand over the end of the call. Click here to learn more about the Overseer Closed Reed Jackrabbit Call.

The Overseer Open Reed Predator Call offers a wide range of sounds making it a favorite of professional hunters, who also appreciate its resistance to reed freeze. Hunters can use this call to make an incredible variety of sounds, including but not limited to coyote howls and ki-yis, raspy distressed-jackrabbit, and even high-pitched bird sounds. Transitioning from low-pitched to high-pitched sounds is very easy thanks to the thin easy-to-blow Mylar reed and unique tone board design. Click here to learn more about the Overseer Open Reed Call.

The Overseer Howler resembles the Open Reed Predator call in its open-reed design, thin easy-to-blow Mylar reed and unique tone board that allows easy tone changes. The difference is a larger bell, which will enable hunters to produce the increased volume, tone, and long-range required of a dedicated coyote howler. This call can be used for a number of coyote vocalizations, not just howling. Click here to learn more about the Overseer Howler.

Finally, there’s the Overseer Predator Pro Pack, which combines three of the best, most useful, and most popular calls mentioned above: The Open Reed Predator Call, Bite Call, and Closed Reed Cotton Tail Call. The varied calls offer different reed designs and various ranges of tone, making this the perfect combo for calling critters. Click here to learn more about the Overseer Predator Pro Pack.

Convergent’s Picatinny Phone Mount is another great stocking stuffer choice for hunters. It allows hunters to attach their phone to a rifle, shotgun, crossbow, bow or anything else with a compatible Picatinny rail. This allows hunters to keep their phones at the ready for recording encounters with game. When using the Convergent Bullet HP electronic caller this phone holder allows better Bluetooth range, less movement to run call through the phone app and makes sure the phone’s camera points anywhere the rifle or bow is pointed. This light, durable polycarbonate holder is adjustable to hold mobile devices 2..2 to 3.3 inches in width. Click here to learn more about the Picatinny Phone Mount.

Any hunter who wakes up on Christmas morning to find a stocking stuffed with American-made Convergent Overseer Predator Calls is bound to be elated and will soon be happily daydreaming about all the great predator hunts to come.

Where experience, innovation, and passion meet, you will find Convergent Hunting Solutions. Convergent Hunting Solution’s forward-thinking predator calls are developed from decades of hunting experience across multiple continents. The result of these efforts is a line of game calls that are superior in quality and value. From mouth-blown hand calls to smart-phone controlled calls and decoys, Convergent Hunting Solutions leads the way with experience, passion, and innovation. 100% Made in the USA.

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