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Gear For Gals- Review of the Meindl Lady EuroLight Hunter 300

By Giovanna Luciano

While packing for a recent hunting trip, I was faced with a dilemma…

I had two sets of boots I could bring with me; one, a pair of sturdy camo hiking boots, and the other, a pair of thickly lined (and rather heavy) winter boots.
While I could bring both, I wanted to pack as little as possible, and lacked enthusiasm towards wearing either of them. As luck would have it, I was offered a new pair of boots from Meindl for me to try out while hunting, as well as to utilize for other outdoor activities in my adopted home state of Montana. Due to travel constraints, I had them shipped directly to my hunting destination. Upon arriving, I was the happy recipient of a pair of Lady EuroLight Hunter 300 boots, straight from Meindl’s online store, and was given the chance to wear the best pair of boots I’ve ever worn to date.

The Lady EuroLight Hunter 300s are marketed as mountain hunting boots, but can be used in nearly every terrain and imaginable weather. Promising high performance on (and off) trails, grassy, rocky, wet, dry, and snowy conditions, I expected a sturdy but stiff pair of boots. Instead, living up to their name, I was presented with a lightweight, comfortable pair of versatile boots. 

The Lady EuroLight Hunter 300 comes with a myriad of features to achieve the claims they make on the Meindl website. Made with a combination of Nubuck Leather and Gore-Tex, these boots are made naturally waterproof, windproof, and durable. Cushioned with a polyurethane midsole, layered with an Air Active insole, and lined with insulation, these boots have every feature available to provide a warm, dry, and comfortable experience.

The moment I first tried on the Meindl Eurolight boots, I knew I would love wearing them. 

My day-to-day shoes run from a women’s size 9-9.5, so I selected a size 10 as I prefer boots that lean toward wider sizes and the Meindl Eurolight boots fit just right without being either too loose or too constricting. Sizing up was the right move, as they felt comfortable from the start-even with heavy socks. I expected the need to break them in, but found I could use them right away without needing any time for adjustment. 

Conditions Conquered

During my hunting trip, I was able to test these boots in both grassy and muddy environments on level ground and climbing the river bluff country of eastern Montana. While deer hunting, we were able to sit in box blinds in the early morning, and then walked large swaths of grassy terrain while out bird hunting. After arriving back home after the hunt, I was able to try the boots out on ice-covered ground, trudge through snow, and even put them up against -30° Montana winter weather. No matter what I threw at them I was able to break brush, walk up and down steep inclines, and move across both ice and snow with ease. 

The Good

There is no shortage of good things I have to say about the Meindl Eurolight boots. Most importantly, I find that these were the most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever worn. The dark leather design fit well in an outdoor environment, went with every outfit I had, warm and cold, and was suited for both social and recreational outdoor outings. Despite always carrying around boot warmers in my pack, never once did I have to use them to warm up my feet. While using the Meindl wool socks in tandem with the boots, I consistently came back with dry feet, despite staying warm the entire time. Even after walking long distances, the boots never seemed to weigh down my legs. Their light design allowed me to move through tall grass and brush with ease, and keep me from tiring out early in the week.

The extra padding present on the inside of the boots lining my ankle only assisted in my overall comfort. After wearing these boots for nearly a week straight, I inspected my feet for any injuries, but couldn’t find or feel any sores or blisters. Even cleaning the boots felt hassle free. Because the boots came with a packet full of instructions on boot care, I was able to easily identify how to maintain them. By wiping them down with hot water, inside and out, I was confident I would be able to keep my boots clean without fear of damaging them, as long as I didn’t leave them out in the sun to dry. I also appreciate that these boots are made in Europe by skilled craftsmen, and not in other countries where child labor is rampant and the quality of the material is questionable.

Possible Improvements

Despite the fortunate fit and comfortable feel, I felt that a few features could use minor tweaking to improve the boots. I consider myself to be averagely fit and strong for my age, but still couldn’t tighten the boot laces through the first few eyelets. Though I love having a one year warranty on the boots, I only wish that the terms and conditions to keep the warranty were more present and obvious in the packaging of the boot.

How They Compare

Though I’ve been fortunate enough to own and wear boots throughout my life, never before have I been as satisfied or excited to own and use a pair like the Lady EuroLight Hunter 300s. I’ve used thick layered boots to overcome extreme cold, but found I couldn’t wear them for long periods of time, else I’d tire out before the day ended. When switching to lighter hiking boots, I would often overheat, and wear them down quickly. These boots truly contain the best of both worlds, and keep me warm and dry in cold conditions. Even though I run off a college student budget, I understand good boots can be worth the expense. With a price tag of $315 retail, I can confidently say it’s worth paying the difference between the Meindl Lady EuroLight Hunters and other cheaper boots.

Overall Rating

Keeping everything I’ve mentioned up to this point in mind, I’m giving these boots a 4.5 star rating. I’m a firm believer that nothing is truly perfect, but these boots come incredibly close, even with room for improvement. I love how often I want to wear them, whether I’m thinking of hiking for the weekend or heading out to town with friends. I look forward to using these boots in every season through the next year, and see how these boots fare under constant use and continual care.

Giovanna Luciano

Giovanna Luciano is a passionate hunter, fisher, hiker, camper, and general outdoor enthusiast looking to explore all the world has to offer. From hiking to hunting, fishing and kayaking, Giovanna looks to use her background in engineering to find innovative solutions for the many challenges the outdoors provide.

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