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GoWild Partners with Lancaster Archery to Focus on Content for New Archers

Lancaster Archery has led the industry for target and 3D archery gear for nearly four decades, but over the last few years the archery retailer has fallen victim to mainstream social media’s anti-archery marketing policies. 

Until now: Lancaster Archery is partnering with the outdoor social platform, GoWild, to go beyond just advertising. The duo’s new partnership will focus on providing educational content to GoWild’s robust and growing audience of archers. 

“Our marketing efforts are nearly entirely focused on target archery, which is a sport supported by thousands of schools all across the country,” said Jared Weaver, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Still, mainstream social media blocks our marketing efforts. GoWild opens up a world of possibilities for us with a more focused audience and a better content play.”

GoWild is not only home to hundreds of thousands of archers, the platform’s members are empowered by the social platform’s unique functionality that caters to the sport of archery. 

“GoWild members aren’t just posting pictures—they’re sharing content that helps us all get better,” said GoWild Cofounder, CEO, Brad Luttrell. “Our community of bow fanatics are logging their hours for target practice, discussing the best gear, and sharing their favorite podcasts for the sport.”

With the Lancaster Archery partnership, GoWild will supply members with a steady stream of content focused on beginner to expert level tips. The content will include educational archery articles, and a strong presence on GoWild’s popular shows, Gearbox Talk and Restless Native. 

About GoWild

GoWild is the best digital platform to interact with other outdoor enthusiasts, and learn about new gear, tactics and content. Only GoWild delivers a fun community, gear insights and a fun way to share your story and shop for gear. Visit to shop or to join. 

About Lancaster Archery Supply 

Founded in 1983, Lancaster Archery Supply is an industry leading archery equipment distributor and retailer, based in Lancaster, Pa. In addition to its Pro Shop and Academy, the company operates a thriving distribution center, supported by a warehouse stocked with more than 82,000 products from more than 700 manufacturers available for sale worldwide through its website

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