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Hunter Nation Foundation Responds to PETA’s Inept Attack on Hunting Rights

“Hunters must get out of the deer stand and get out and vote”

Madison, Wisconsin (September 25, 2020) – Today Hunter Nation Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting America’s hunting heritage, issued the following statement in response to PETA’s inept criticism of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s “Less COVID, More Hunting” video:

PETA’s response is nothing short of an all-out attack on the freedoms our constitution guarantees and the right to hunt in America,” said Keith Mark, founder of Hunter Nation Foundation.

There are some who are trying to tear down this great nation’s hunting heritage and the traditions we hold dear. We’ve lost more than two million hunters in the last five years – we won’t stand by and let these attacks go unanswered.

We must act now to defend our hunting rights. Hunters must get out of the deer stand and get out and vote.

If they don’t, the same people who threaten the hunting way of life, who mock our faith in God and who want to take our guns will control our future.

Hunter Nation Foundation is dedicated to educating about the importance of passing down the hunting tradition to the next generation. Hunt the Vote, a project of Hunter Nation, is dedicated to educating and engaging hunters, giving them a voice, and encouraging them to vote.

Hunters can pledge to vote here and learn more about state voter registration here.

About Hunter Nation Foundation
Hunter Nation Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting America’s hunting heritage. Committed to God, Family, Country and the Outdoor Lifestyle, Hunter Nation Foundation educates and engages hunters to ensure the right to hunt is passed down to the next generation.

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    1. We are pretty confident that god believes in hunting and spending time hunting often gives you time to reflect on the amazing beauty created in this world by god.

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